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May 25, 2021

Leverage & Margin Trading Exchange Software Development Company 


Margin Trading Margin trading is a type of trading involving funding from third parties to take place. Usually, margin trading is done to leverage their position from one position to another. A huge share of the money is always associated with this type of trading. Once this type of trade has been initiated, the trader has to commit himself with an initial share of money to be enrolled in the trade. The initial sum of money which the trader obliged to pay is called the margin. Since this type of trade is voluminously based on the margin, this type of trade is called margin trading. 


Margin Trading Exchange 

Owing to the current economic crisis and the performance of the changing economy, it is efficient for investors to shift their gears to a more different form of trade. The investors want that different form of trade to be a high revenue-generating one. The investors also want that trade to generate more returns on very small investments made. The desire to have a margin trading exchange leads to creating a very different form of trade as expected by the current investors of the crypto market. 

Margin Trading Exchange Development 

Margin trading exchange can be developed by white label solution providers availing us of the process involved in trading of assets through margin trading. We the Brugu offer you white label solutions to exchange development services like margin as well as leverage trading.

Margin Trading Software 

Margin Trading Software is a Crypto Exchange Software for trading & exchanging Crypto assets between the clients that take part in the trade. Margin trading software usually receives minimal funds from multiple sources to carry out their process. Margin trading software has the sole aim of transacting funds which they have procured from multiple sources. 


If at all, you think of investing through your own margin trading exchange, Brugu makes it easier for you, through its quality set of solutions. Our Margin Trading Software comes up with factors boosting the user experience involved in trading. 


Leverage Trading Leverage trading is almost similar to that of marginal trading but differs in its motto. The motto of leverage trading is just to level up the volume of traffic associated with the trade. Leverage trading is done through a number of crypto lending platforms. The crypto lending platforms lend the funds by setting a certain sum of money as a margin. 


Difference between a normal trade vs. leverage trade: 


Leverage trade is a similar mode of trade to normal trade. But differ only in the amount of capital required to initiate the trade. In leverage trade, only a meager amount is required as capital to initiate the trade. 


Factors that define the Leverage trade 

Leveraging is entirely dependent on the initial and maintenance levels. These levels determine the minimum amount of funds that must be possessed to take part in the trade. 


Initial margin 

It is the minimal sum of funds required to start the trade at the very beginning. This minimal sum is obtained as a deposit to open up a position for the user. Opening up the position refers to the process of allotment of an entry to take part in a particular trade. The initial margin is obtained as the product of the initial margin percentage as well as the total order value. 


Initial margin= initial margin percentage x the total order value. 

Maintenance margin


The maintenance margin is the minimum possession up to which the position is kept open. If the funds drop below the specified value the position will be converted into liquidity. The maintenance margin can be specified as the product of the maintenance margin percentage and the position value.


Maintenance margin= maintenance margin percentage x position value. 


Leverage Trading Exchange 

To carry out the leverage trade exchange, it is essential for investors to have a separate platform. Investors can sort the help of the white label solution providers to have their own leverage exchange platform. 

Leverage Trading Software 

Leverage Trading Software is specifically designed software to exclusively carry out the funds to be leveraged upon a certain rate. This software can be an effective and time saving one in bringing about leverage to the initial margin. Eventually, the participant of this trade will have an increased sum as revenue, which will be in the form of multiple of the initial margin invested with the platform while enrolling himself to trade. 


Brugu as a White label solution provider develops separate and exclusive software to carry out the leverage trading process within it. This software is designed with high-end architecture to bring about the highlight features of leverage trading to its end users. 


Since both margin trading and leveraged trading are synonymous with each other, it won't make sense to integrate them on a single platform. The process desired by both the margin as well as leveraged trading exchanges can be brought under a common exchange platform. 


Why integration? 

Since the process involved in both forms of trade are entirely similar, they can be integrated on a single platform to be interoperated. This interoperability of these trades can be proved to be a cost-saving one as well as a one-stop solution for multiple processes. 

Benefits of Leverage and Margin Trading: 

• Amplified profits

• Leveraged trade opportunities 

• Market monitoring 

• Leverage calculator provided 


Features of the leverage and margin trading exchange script: 


RRR phenomenon: 

RRR refers to the Risk Reward Ratio. Usually, the market is said to be at risk if it is at falling trends. The falling market may also be referred to as the bearish market. Our 

exchange script is designed in such a way that the investors get rewards even in the cases of the risk. Leverage factors will adjust themselves with the attributes of the trade. 


Reliable interface: 

The key aspect of any platform is its interface. Our platform comes up with an interference-free interface offering a very smooth degree of service. 


CICO feature: 

CICO refers to the Customizability in and Customizability Out features. The Customizability-In refers to the interface of our platform, which can be customized as per the requirements of the traders. While Customizability-Out refers to the smart contract which cannot be altered at any instance, this adds up to the security feature of our platform. 


PQRST engine: 

PQRST engine refers to the Poly-Queue-Rapid-Speed-Trading engine. Usually, both leverage and margin trading platforms will require an extremely high-speed matching engine, to manage the heavy volume orders taking place within it per second. Our platform comes out with a state of art matching engine that can tolerate multiple operations at a very minimum time. 

Risk management Tools: 

Since the platform operates on margin trading, stop-loss order comes out as a risk management tool. Stop-loss order auto operates in case of any risks in transactions or risks with respect to market performance. 


Business Benefits: 

• Brand new income streams 

• Multi-user streaming 

• Robust protocol 

• Multi wallet security 

• Multi-currency 

Margin Trading vs Leverage Trading

In margin trading, the funds are decentralized and are distributed on a certain basis. But in leverage trading the funds are left in the authority of the admin, the admin will distribute the funds among a certain number of participants. Roughly leverage trading is position-based trading, which is solely held by a position i.e. admin. But margin trading is entirely based on the number of entrants that take part directly in the trade. 

Why Brugu for Leverage & Margin Trading Exchange Development? 

We the brugu through our qualified set of analysts have analyzed the market and have set out to develop a credible crypto exchange platform that supports leverage and margin trading. Our platform is designed to be incompetent with the universal giants like Binance and Poloniex and offer the supreme features that bring about benefits to the end-users. 


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