Lightest Ergonomic Backpack for Kids Flexible to School

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Jul 29, 2021

I am Hoang - Founder of Tinipak, welcome to Tinipak. I worked in the Online Industry with ten years of in-depth research on User Experience, and Im also a backpack passionate. When I was a little boy, my family could not afford good gear for me, so I only used a cumbersome genuine leather briefcase given by my relative from the Russian Federation during my primary school days. After using it too long, I often drew on the bag to make it look lovely in my eyes, and I even wished I had new bags like my peers. Thus, when I could afford my needs, I collected different backpacks as in my wishlist and piled them up in the closet. Gradually I became a backpack enthusiast ever since.


I noticed that the original backpacks were born for the war as soldiers had to carry much luggage when marching. Later on, it was used more widely in life, but the special features required for particular purposes were not optimized. Many big guys acknowledge this and try to improve User Experience (camera backpack with Peak Design, Travel backpack with Nomatic). However, there is no attention for school backpacks while students have to carry many accessories on little shoulders: books, notebooks, pens, erasers, rulers to school, and of course, they lose or miss their tools. Millions of children around the world havent accessed the good backpack yet. Ive also struggled to find a perfect backpack for my son when he started primary school, which I spent a year considering.


On the other hand, I come from Vietnam - the cradle of many of the worlds big backpack brands, but no Vietnamese brand could compete with them. This thing is a big question for me and motivates me to find the answer. I have thought for many years, how to create the first Vietnamese brand?


Tinipak was born in a market that suffered fierce competition from many big guys weighted in financial potential and modern facilities. How can we be different?

How we started up, and our first failure?

Ive had the idea for two years and always question where I should start. Fortunately, I joined a Facebook group about Industrial Styling, and tried to look for a partner who knows 3D design, loves backpacks. After a few unsuccessful attempts, I found two members to group a team of 3. In October 2018, after making sure that we will start up, we operated in a small room as an office, called PAK DESIGN. And after goodbye to the Online industry, working for more than ten years, I spent full time on product design, hoping to solve the problems that users were suffering, including my son. This matter is always the motivation to boost me to go straight.


My passion for backpacks and luckily to know many brands worldwide helps me understand design and update the trend. With experience working in the product design industry, I take advanced processes to industrial design. While others in the Team know shaping products, perfecting each others weaknesses, we worked passionately to create an innovative product to launch to the world via Kickstarter like other guys.


We carefully analyzed the students body based on the average height according to WHO data, listed the school supplies that children bring to school, and observed the childrens behaviour like my son. After deliberation, Helipak was born: Helium is a very light noble gas, the light criterion for the product, and Pak stands for Pack - Backpack. After researching, we came up with a vital standard to pursue: Zipper is a great invention, but it is still a struggle for young kids, and we would love to design a backpack without the zipper, and kids operate just with one touch with a button.