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Aug 30, 2021

·         Understanding the Logic Behind Making Money Online.

In order to make money online, you may want to focus your attention on the 4 key elements when deciding to start a home-based business. But you must also decide the best fit for you. From affiliate marketing to blogging, writing and selling eBooks and articles.

The options are endless to make money online but the 4 key elements remain the same!

1.       Direction (Profitable Niche)

2.       Demand (Common Identified Need)

3.       Solution (Product In Demand)

4.       Presentation (Creating Curiosity)

Discover your profitable niche, preferably something you love doing. Identify a common need within your profitable niche. Find a product and/or solution in high demand. Then present the product and/or solution by means of creating curiosity (Image/Video Design).

·         How to Make Money Online with Curios Presentation.

There are 3 basic principles to make money online by leveraging presentation and the end goal is to create curiosity. Through design (*images/videos*) you want to address a need and suggest a solution. The best way to create curios presentations is by having bridge pages.

1.       Google Sites

2.       Wix One Page Websites

3.       Free Blogs (WordPress/Google Blogger)

Using sites like these for bridge pages allows you to redirect to any URL. Be it affiliate marketing, blogging, or otherwise. But it is also the perfect tool to create curiosity through design. Always remember that a curious visitor is also an active one!

·         Deciding What Will Work Best for you to Make Money Online.

Before you can make money online, you must first find what will work for you because there is no “one size fits all”. There are so many ways to make money online it can be overwhelming. Among some of the more preferred methods are these 6 methods.

1.       Affiliate Marketing

2.       WordPress Blogging

3.       Social Networking

4.       Online Jobs and/or Tasks

5.       Writing eBooks and Articles

6.       Email List Building

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