Marijuana While Travelling: 5 Things to Know

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Nov 25, 2021

Some States' relationship with pot is changing. While the substance is illegal on a national level under the Controlled Substances Act, some of the country's states, counties, territories, and the District of Columbia have enacted laws contrary and very different ways over the years since the 1990s. 


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Illinois, one of the states that recently legalized the recreational use of marijuana, has added pot amnesty boxes in its Chicago O'Hare International airport. The boxes are located at the end of security checkpoints. As a result, travellers with marijuana don't want to break the law by taking it on the flight. The boxes are located where all travellers can safely dispose of cannabis and cannabis products before travel. 

Below are five things you need to know when travelling with marijuana: 

Know the Rules At The Airport 

Travelling with marijuana depends on the airport. For example, some airports like LAX and Chicago O'Hare will not stop travelers from possessing an ounce or less weed. If, however, you arrive at the airport with marijuana in your possession and you are not keen on travelling with it, you can deposit it in the amnesty if there are any present, or you can as well dump it in the trash. 

Better still, you could go to the restroom with no camera coverage and get it flushed. These airports have made trash or amnesty boxes available where you could drop your cannabis (pots), so you don't face complementary penalties of trespass. 

Put TSA Rules in Mind 

According to the TSA website, security officers are not searching for illegal drugs. If a TSA officer comes across marijuana while conducting a bag check, they are obligated to report it to the police.  However, it's up to the police to decide to handle the matter. It's up to the TSA to determine what to do if they find weed in your luggage. The TSA is meant to ensure all baggage that comes on board are void of illegal drugs (which could include marijuana) - finding anything as such will attract sanctions depending on the police. 

You run the risk of becoming a scapegoat if you board a plane with marijuana, even if it is allowed in the city where you started or at your destination. There is so much uncertainty on what new rules could, or would, apply. So to be safe, you should have substances that are not considered illegal. 


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Don't Bring More Than What Is Allowed. 

As there are airports that allow travelling with marijuana, there are regulated amounts that you can travel with. If you question whether the amount you have is too much, it's probably too much. For an airport like Los Angeles, you can't travel with anything above 28.5 grams (this is about 1 ounce) of marijuana and 8 grams of conc marijuana.  

TSA will encourage the use of the amnesty box to travellers if they have cannabis on them. They don't call the police unless it appears to be illegal amounts, like a suitcase-full. More than the allowable amount would be considered flouting of laws, attracting penalties. 

If you cannot travel with marijuana, you can try popular strains of outdoor marijuana seeds, depending on your destination. 

Know the Laws Of The State Both Where You Embark And Disembark 

Many states don't allow travelling with pots, so you must be very aware of the laws governing your travelling areas. You can fly through LAX with your marijuana, but technically, marijuana is still illegal in many states. These states who don't consider marijuana a legal substance have their agencies on the ground to check disembarking passengers and their luggage to be confident of what is coming into their state. 

In reality, LAX is not saying you can fly to Texas (where marijuana is not banned) with one ounce of weed. It's unlawful to possess marijuana in Texas, so you'll face the appropriate punishment and penalties within the state if you get caught. However, if you fly from LAX to Colorado (where recreational marijuana is legal), the law should not be any problem. Do your research and ensure the state you are travelling to with your pot. 

Don't Use Before Your Flight. 

It would be best if you were in control of your sense, i.e., physically and mentally stable, before boarding a flight. If you are high before your flight, the officers might prevent you from boarding. According to an official for the Federal Aviation Administration, its airlines have the right to refuse passengers who seem to be under the influence of hard drugs. 

 You must be in control of your senses before your flight. While certain airlines (like Southwest Airlines) have policies for rejecting drunken passengers, the procedures related to those under the influence of drugs are not entirely fleshed out. Moreover, behaving under the influence poses a wrong view of the content you intend to travel with - you have to show complete control of your cannabis.



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Marijuana is becoming more valuable as a medical substance, but that does not mean there isn't a stigma. Also, abuse of it for recreational purposes is still widespread, and as such, you could quickly get into trouble if you refuse to follow the instructions outlined in this article. 

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