Most Commonly Search Engines Used In Australia

Article about Most Commonly Search Engines Used In Australia

Jun 21, 2021

In today’s world, when it comes to getting the proper information regarding any query or problem, then everyone is relying on search engines. All interested ones are looking for the best search engines by which they can get accurate results for the queries. There are multiple search engines available that can help the users in finding the best possible results. 

However, we also cannot deny the fact that Google is the top-most and highly dominating search engine among all. It shows domination, not in a specific region but globally. All search engines work by setting up some particular algorithms and guidelines. 

When you search for your queries on the different search engines, then you may find some differences in the search results as well. Mainly, the search results are dependent on the ranking of websites on that particular search engine. In the upcoming details, you can get information about some major search engines that are commonly used in Australia. 

Major Search Engines 


Google is considered the top-most and highly used search engine everywhere. If we talk about Australia, then only Google holds more than 94% shares in the internet market. It brings lots of significant changes in the internet market. Before the era of Google, there were some other search engines as well. These were also serving the users properly. But when Google came into the market and introduced its ranking system and other factors, then the flows were completely changed. 

It builds a specific competition among the website owners to work according to the PageRank technology and holds the top-notch position. As per Google’s guidelines, the website owners can achieve such a thing by creating backlinks and presenting their website’s credibility. 

With time, there are multiple changes made by Google in their algorithms, bots, and other essentials. One thing still remains, and it is backlink. Backlinks are stills equivalently important for the website ranking. It is a little bit different as compared to the picture presented in the past. 

According to the algorithms, now the website owners have to focus on user experience along with the backlinks. If you want to get your website ranked on the Google search engine results pages, then you have to focus on these specific algorithms deeply. 


Bing is a Microsoft operated search engine. Formally, Microsoft established Bing as a search engine in the year 2009. Before its formal release, Bing was operated under some other search engines, such as - Live Search and MSN. After the formal establishment of Bing as the search engine, it regularly grows in the internet market and showcases some compelling stats as well. 

Due to all these things, today, Bing is one of the well-known and reputed search engines. Expect for all these things, It still too far from Google and its reputation. According to some stats, Bing is holding 3.4% shares in the internet market. 

With it, we cannot ignore the fact that today one of the oldest search engines Yahoo Search is not operated under Bing. This particular partnership also helps a lot Bing to grow regularly and build a separate identity in such a competitive environment. 


DuckDuckgo is one of the newest search engines as compared to the search engines available in today’s time. This particular search engine is getting popular with day to day activities. If we talk about challenging the popularity of Google and Bing, then it lacks a lot. Mainly DuckDuckgo is popular among the users who like to do searches with full privacy. 

Mainly DuckDuckgo is featured with some unique elements by which the users or search log of searches is not stored. Consequently, people don’t have to focus on some proxies or other factors. Due to all these things and some other impressive features, it holds a good place and operating the internet market with shares of 0.54% only. 

But these stats are much better as compared to some other old search engines, such as - Yahoo Search and Baidu. 


Yahoo was founded in the year 1994 and was known as the leader of the internet search market. When Google struck the complete internet market, then Yahoo started declining regularly. As per the popularity of Yahoo in Australia, it is still holding the fourth position in the share market. It has 0.52% of the internet market share. From the year 2009, Yahoo is working under Bing. 

These are some major search engines used by most of the individuals in Australia. In the market, you can find some other options as well. These four are the trending and leading ones. From such data, you can also analyse and figure out the sole domination of Google over the complete internet share market. 

Top Australian Directories 

Using the listing directories can help you in making lots of things better, such as - creating profiles as the business firm. The followings are some top-most directories in Australia. 

Yelp Australia

Yelp is serving the Australians by offering information about different types of services and companies. According to some stats, Yelp Australia is visited by around 1.5 million visitors/month. It is also known as one of the best and biggest directories all over the world. Along with it, the availability of review features on the website can help the visitors in getting in-depth information about the company and get assistance in choosing the right service provider. 


Yellowpages is one of the biggest directory platforms in Australia. According to recent studies, it is cleared that it has over 9 million searches/month. 


If you are looking for a good source with quality and the best results, then Search Frog appears at the top. It is known for its major and unique features. In case you check out the business listing websites, then you do not find any blog section there. Search Frog is different, and it has a specific blog section on the website. To provide the best user experience and details to the visitors, the website is providing services with the use of multiple things, such as - manual listing verification, report tracking, call, Google review integration, etc.

In case you want to get details about the commercial sites and service providers, then is the best and most successful source in Australia. It is one of the best corporate directories in Australia. 


Aussieweb is a free platform where organisations can easily create their business listing. It makes this particular platform favourite of all businesses to list their company and serve the target audience perfectly. 


Hotfrog is not limited to Australia. It serves around 32 countries all over the world with an established headquarters in Sydney. Hotfrog is known as one of the best and high-quality sites with completely free services. In Australia, it has over 2 million visits/month. 


Whitepages is one of the reputed online directories that contain data regarding multiple companies, such as - governments, individuals, and corporations. 

These are some major business listing directors that can help you in creating some business profiles in Australia and create backlinks as well.

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