New Product Update - Project Budget and Cost in Orangescrum

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Oct 2, 2021

Hello, Orangescrum’ers! It’s update time! Now get a clear picture of your project cost within Orangescrum.

With this release, project managers can view project budgets and costs for all your projects. Not only this, but also you can define a role-based hourly rate for your resources.

We are committed to making our product more valuable to customers.

At Orangescrum, we always want to provide the best solution for our customers, so we have created the solution you want to ensure your successful support for the product.

We sincerely thank everyone who contributed by presenting and sharing their views before developing this feature.

Expressing the core values with more clarity and simplicity are the keys to our success.

Recently, we released the Guest user, Custom fields, Timesheet update, Resource Skill Set, and this time we are back with “Budget & Cost”.

What’s New: Budget and Cost

Orangescrum’s Budgeting feature gives a clear picture of whether you’re completing your projects within the budget and how much you’re making profits for your projects.

It includes

  • Setting up the budget for the project

  • Define the approved cost

  • Define hourly rate

Add Budget Cost

The Benefits of Budget and Cost

Budget and Cost give you access to important metrics that are not accessible in traditional project management tools.

This is essential for any company looking to increase the efficiency of their workflow and ensuring they’re getting maximum ROI on their projects.