Onda Group Meets Demand for Cheaper Energy during the COVID-19 Crisis

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Apr 17, 2020

Onda Group a Pre-eminent Player in the Southern Italy Energy Market Meets Demand for Cheaper Energy during the COVID-19 Crisis

17 April 2020, Syracuse, Sicily – Onda Group, a preeminent supplier of energy to Southern Italian businesses, homes, and local utilities, announces that it is ready to supply cheaper energy for restarting the economic engine of the region by supplying lower-cost energy alternatives for its customers. With the sharp drop in oil & gas prices and the huge disruption of the Italian economy, Onda plans to supply the region with cheaper energy alternatives that have not been seen in prices for the last 30 years. 
Cheaper energy means that the regions of Sicily, Sardegna, and the Southern Italian mainland should see a resurgence of economic activity partly due to lower energy costs provided by Onda. Onda will bring to the market a technological “Killer Application” able to collect new clients and keep them forever. A smart meter provides the consumption in €, of a single device (lamps, fridges, ovens, etc). Its name is Efficento, and it is a unique technology in the European market.

As Italy recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, Onda is poised to help jump-start this economy by providing low-cost energy products to its customer base, and the company plans to rapidly expand and increase its market share in this region. The company CEO, Luigi Martines, states “Onda will make all efforts to sell its customers energy at low prices in order to get the Italian economy moving again. It is our responsibility as energy suppliers, to pass savings on to our customers for a quick and sustainable recovery. We expect to increase overall sales and expand our services in Sicily, Sardegna, and Southern Italy to make Onda a decisive player in the energy markets in the near future.”
Learn more about Efficento here

About Onda Group.

The Wave Group has operated in the energy trading and gas industry in Italy for about 20 years. The historical sites are on two islands, Sicily and Sardinia, and the registered office is in Rome.

Onda Group was created shortly after the market liberalization of electricity in Italy in 2003. Today, they have about 35,000 customers, mainly in the islands, and a turnover of €30 million.

Thanks to years of research (funded by European Community funds), and a partnership with Voltaware, a manufacturer of technologies, Onda Group now features a "Killer Application" in Italy and soon in Europe, able to increase sales but, more importantly, contribute to customer loyalty, the main KPI industry.

Customers of Wave, thanks to "Efficiento", will be able to know in real-time and in their bills as they consume € in individual loads in their home (fridge, oven, lights, TV, etc).

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