Open Banking Expo Prepares Delegates for Consumer-directed Finance Rollout

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Mar 3, 2020

Open Banking Expo returns to Toronto on June 9, 2020, to prepare delegates for likely legislative action as a result of the second phase of the Government’s Open Banking consultation. The agenda is now live at

This year’s event is again headlined by Equifax Canada. More than 220 C-level delegates are expected to attend from the financial services sector to exchange ideas and insight into their plans, predictions, and preparations for when consumer-directed finance is implemented in Canada.

Open Banking Expo’s Toronto event will provide delegates with unique access to Open Banking innovators, disruptors and visionaries on an agenda geared up for healthy debate, analysis and opinion as the market prepares for the largest digital transformation in a generation. Confirmed speakers include:


Use cases


  • Kristy Duncan, Chief Executive Officer, Women in Payments Association
  • Martha Durdin, President & Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Credit Union Association

Agenda highlights include an executive panel debate featuring leaders from CIBC, Royal Bank of Canada, TD Bank and Scotiabank, who will explore the current rate of evolution and what the Open Banking roadmap might look like as the Government prepares to consult on implementation.

Exclusive to Open Banking Expo, a senior Government representative will reveal its plans for implementation, data security and its stance on a potential Open Banking roll-out.

Furthermore, the event is flying in transatlantic use cases from HSBC UK, Dutch neobank bunq, and Europe’s leading Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) Token. They will reveal the highs, lows, and challenges of their Open Banking journeys so far.

Managing Director of Open Banking Expo, Adam Cox, comments: “We are delighted to return to Toronto this June. Based on feedback last year, delegates want more use cases to prepare themselves for imminent legislation. We have therefore secured the time of some of the pioneers of Open Banking across Europe and the Nordics, and we are looking forward to welcoming them to reveal their experiences. This year Finance Canada will be on hand to give delegates an up-to-the-minute insight into their progress and findings, and the CCUA will address the opportunities Open Banking will create for credit unions.”

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