Optimize your recruitment process with ATS and CRM to improve Return on Investment (ROI)

Article about Optimize your recruitment process with ATS and CRM to improve Return on Investment (ROI)

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Nov 16, 2021

What are the benefits of ATS and CRM? The recruitment process has also been affected by disruptions brought on by technological developments and other factors. It is because these industries have evolved alongside these changes that they have prospered. The tools and technologies they have brought in have given them the necessary platform from which they can take the next steps, paving the way for success.

It doesn't matter what sector or industry you're in, people are always averse to change. Even so, once you incorporate the technological changes, you will be able to reap great benefits. To evaluate the impact of new tools and technologies, it is important to analyze the cost-benefit analysis of any new implementation. It is important to consider what benefits are accrued through the implementation of applicant tracking systems and CRM in order to understand how they can improve ROI. Here are some of them:

Job advertisements are automatically distributed

Both tools allow you to automatically post job postings at your company on a variety of job sites and job boards and track these postings in real-time no matter where you are.

Candidate experience rich in social/mobile

Your social media or mobile platform can be used to share all the processes associated with recruitment activities, allowing you to stay up to date on the activities and preferences of top talent.

Costs associated with external recruitment are reduced

The use of ATS and CRM provides crucial analytics that assists in making sense of recruitment data and its effectiveness in helping to eliminate guesswork, attract the desired candidates directly and maximize the use of talent pools.

Qualitatively and quantitatively increasing candidate numbers

Implementing ATS and CRM will enable you to build a much bigger pool of candidates, so not only will you be able to find more candidates, but you will also be able to find candidates with the skills you're looking for. The result will be an overall improvement in your retention rate by shortlisting those candidates that are more focused and engaged in the company's goals and objectives.

Reduce the time it takes to hire with ATS & CRM

Automation of repetitive and time-consuming tasks is achieved through the implementation of an ATS and CRM. The time spent on repetitive and time-consuming tasks is significantly reduced. Ensuring the communication process with different candidates is a pleasant one and much more effective.

Creating efficiencies within the organization

Furthermore, the implementation of these tools will significantly reduce the time that your hiring team must spend on administrative tasks, such as scheduling interviews, aside from improving the candidate experience.

Therefore, after discussing some of the advantages that make using these tools a no-brainer, we need to investigate whether the return on investment will be significant for our company as well. Among the metrics used to determine how the ROI has been improved with the implementation of the ATS and CRM are as follows:

  • Candidate cost per candidate

  • Per-applicant cost

  • The cost per hire

Potential Savings Areas

Here are some areas where savings could be made:

  • As you pay only once to acquire a candidate after their inclusion in the system, they can be nurtured and provided with potential jobs that match their skills and talents, leading to lower acquisition costs per candidate.

  • Source efficiency per candidate will increase since the system will identify the sources that produce the majority of hires, allowing greater budgets to be allocated for candidate acquisition.

  • The ATS and CRM greatly reduce recruiters' time spent finding and vetting candidates, resulting in lower-cost access to candidates. By segmenting the database of your candidates over time, you're able to accomplish this.

  • As you increase the hiring through your database, you reduce the dependence on external hiring agencies and programs as you increase your database size.

  • In addition to helping you add to your database of quality candidates, the system allows for more proactive sourcing of candidates. With a much larger pool of highly qualified candidates, it will be easier to recruit and hire people of higher quality, which will reduce turnover and improve productivity.

Getting to know your business

This is despite the fact that it seems so obvious. You cannot plan ahead if you are not aware of the needs and requirements of your business. Furthermore, you will never be able to determine what is best for the company. It can be an issue relating to financial decisions or deciding which recruitment system is appropriate based on its needs. You must understand your business in order to make the best decisions. If you do not, you will not be making the best decision for the company.

Identifying the vendor who provides Recruitment software or systems

As well as knowing all the qualities that a vendor can offer, it is important to be aware of the limitations of that vendor. Identify how they have worked with different organizations. Getting into a relationship without knowing what you are getting into will only complicate matters later. Taking a step back isn't possible if it is too late. For example, you might have already spent your budget on a system that cannot help your organizational needs.

Define new recruiting processes and operations

In order to buy recruitment software that maximizes your ROI, you must first understand your business. It is vital to design recruitment processes and operations that are suited to your organization's needs. The maximum benefits from your new recruiting solution won't be realized if you can't do this. Furthermore, it will hinder your ability to gain the maximum return on investment from your recruiting solution.


To ensure the migration of old data to the new system, you must take every necessary precaution. Be sure that there are no duplicates or discrepancies. Thus, you can benefit from the new recruiting analytics system by getting crucial insights into your recruiting needs. If you are unable to do so, your efforts in optimizing your return on investment will be greatly hampered.

Your Recruiting Performance will increase with this solution

Ats not only delivers on its promises but also has the potential to do so. Organizations can use it to find the right candidates for the right jobs. The recruitment marketing software from demo ats helps you put all your recruitment strategies into practice and optimize your recruiting efforts.

In addition to qualitative factors, AS also provides quantitative factors. Utilizing these factors will help you determine how ats can improve your return on investment. Additionally, this system is easy to use. It is therefore important that the gains derived from the implementation of the system can be easily accounted for in order to justify the initial investment. You may want to improve your recruitment process to further optimize your return on investment. If you want greater savings and return on investment, then this is your first step.

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