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Aug 24, 2021

"What are the excellent advantages of Taxi Life for you as a taxi driver?"
Many instances, when we have requested our Taxi Tunbridge WellsTaxi Drivers what do they just like the most about Taxi Life?  Why do they work with us? Or what are the advantages which you just like the maximum? The answers had been people who we will percentage today as the pinnacle five advantages for our taxi drivers. 

Top 5 benefits for you and for the union:

1. We are prison, were yellow 
Many taxi drivers have valued that at the same time as many systems raised their business the use of personal cars to serve as taxis, or combining taxis and personal motors for door-to-door shipping services. At Taxi Life we ​​strived to conform with the yellow guild with legality and constancy. Although no one predicted a great destiny for us, our firmness was, has been, and could be to live with our little yellows. Because a guild defined as perverse inside the information and at the networks showed us a subject with extra work and with greater demanding situations to face. That is why nowadays our utility is legally constituted and certified by way of the Ministry of Transport of Colombia. We have been a benchmark for entrepreneurship and resilience. We have been within the arms of the yellow guild for 7 years and today were proud to belong to fourteen splendid towns in Colombia wherein we exclusively offer our offerings to yellow motors, person public shipping cars including taxis.

2. We are multi-channel, were "the only that sounds the maximum"
We do now not say it, you say it your self and that fills us with joy. Perhaps within the towns where we have been in for a brief time, it is not significant, due to the fact were within the paintings of making ourselves recognized to customers. But in which weve labored for the medium time period, these days we managed to be the no 1 system, or in a few instances the most effective one, in assigning safe taxis via digital structures. And its miles that our task differs from different similar structures due to the fact it is primarily based principally on technological transformation. We understand this idea as a technique in which we fall in love with top notch era to our customers (companies, customers and taxi drivers), and consequently we evolve the metropolis via collaborating inside the advent of clever towns. 

We are  "the only that sounds the most"  due to the fact we offer the person  7 exceptional approaches to request a provider with our device. Because we arent simply an App. We are a platform in which users can request their taxi through the  Taxia Life App , or they are able to do it through  WhatsApp,  Facebook Messenger, call an answering device, name a  private answering machine, from the commercial enterprise internet site in which they work, from the  mass dispatch modules  in purchasing facilities, terminals or airports, or truly taking their safe taxi carrier on the street by hand, the most conventional manner . Because in Taxia we remember that what you want most are services to preserve a higher production every day and we look for offerings with the aid of sky, sea and land to offer them to you. 

Three. We are integration, were an evolution in provider
We consider our potential customers and make capacity alliances. To replace all our taxi drivers in electronic bills, recharges, and era in trendy, our attention has been to integrate ourselves technologically. United structures which include  Birmingham, UK taxi drivers offer protection and luxury. You do not reveal your self to the robbery of your overall production. You can control your cash and recharge Taxia Life from your cellular telephone. You could make withdrawals at any Efecty point. Receive requests at once made from some of these structures. Today Taxi Life is a part of the AppGallery of all new gadgets Huawei in Colombia, which makes us recognize all of the users who use those mobiles. We make alliances with big groups to work via enterprise vouchers mobilizing employees. Very quickly youll be able to redeem Taxi points in your transactions. All this and what we still must do, we do it considering our best allies, which are the Taxi Conductores. It must be referred to that these alliances do not increase the price of the machine that we provide to taxi drivers. 

Four. We are preferential, were 5-celebrity Taxi Drivers 
In order for us to do higher each day, we should be better each day. Today taxi users can request their provider with possibilities. One of the maximum essential is to select a five-famous person taxi driving force. Your score as a taxi driving force helps the user to board your taxi readily and reliably. For this cause, we encourage customers to charge the provider and thus improve the image of the yellow guild together. With our generation, we inspire you to be the excellent version of taxi drivers. To offer a preferential carrier. To have proper recognition and to make a distinction. 

5. We are extra careers, we are extra benefits  
All relationships are based on giving and take. We all realize that offerings are the cause for our union. Therefore, for each provider youre taking with Taxi Life you collect factors that you later redeem for blessings and reductions at accomplice institutions in every metropolis. We have classes inclusive of health, sports activities, splendor, style, food, among others.Taxi To Gatwick From Tunbridge Wells For example, you could receive reductions at gyms, beauty centers, driving colleges, and so on. If were new to your metropolis we can soon be starting with bargain alliances for you, for now, you could acquire many factors through the use of Taxi Life. You take services with Taxi Life and Taxi Life offers you points which you convert into reductions. Its that clean.

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