Outdoor Vaping: 4 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

Article about Outdoor Vaping: 4 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

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Oct 13, 2021


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The vaping industry seems to have opened up the market to those who have let combustion products go or are no longer attached to them. As a result of these new opportunities, vape users have the chance to kick addictions, learn about the technology, and experience new flavors.   

Moreover, the vaping community, in some cases, enjoys vaping outside of their homes, wandering outside with a vape in their hand.  Nevertheless, things can get tricky when it comes to vaping outdoors, whether you're planning a weekend trip, hike, or strenuous activity. Be prepared before venturing outdoors with these interesting facts about vaping.   

Before moving on, let's explore vaping a little bit.   


Vaping - What Is It? 


Image: Pexels 

In vaping, an aerosol by-product is produced by heating a liquid, sometimes containing flavorings and other chemicals that make the act appear less intense. There is a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors of vaping devices. Additionally, the devices come with a variety of flavors to make the vaping experience more enjoyable.  

Moving forward, let’s discuss some interesting facts before you move out on the stroll with your vape. 

Trust the Lanyard 

Most vaping kits include lanyards, but many users leave them behind. When a vape is in the pocket, it becomes prone to breakage, scratches, and loss even indoors. There is a high likelihood that devices will fall out of pockets into a living room or a cafe. Furthermore, it is more likely that you will drop a pocketed vape into a puddle or ditch when hiking. 

The lanyards, however, are the best choice for protecting your devices when you are on the go. It keeps your device handy. As a bonus, you can release the device safely if you are climbing or need to balance. 

Users may use a wrist strap rather than wearing the device to pride themselves on their chest. Even some people invest in glow-in-the-dark straps or cheap salt nic 25mg. Also, they come in vivid colors so that their devices can be easily seen at any time of the day. 

Batteries: Keep them charged 

In traditional vaping devices, battery power and e-liquid are required. Well-prepared vapers always have both on hand when they go outside. If you use a vape, you may also want spare batteries or a battery pack. In fact, carry the charging wire, and a portable battery pack, if your device charges with a specific port.  

Additionallywhen you go vaping, it's always a good idea to compare the battery capacity of different variants.  

Usually, the battery capacity of a device is measured in milliampere-hours, determining how long it lasts when fully charged. As well, it displays the life expectancy of the battery pack as a whole. 

So, when choosing a battery for outdoor vaping, consider the capacity and battery weight. It is not ideal to have a 2,200 mAh vape rig if it is too heavy to carry with the rest of your kit. 

Keep the Drip Tips Capped 


While devices on lanyards are safer from knocks and nearly impossible to lose, they are also more vulnerable to drip tip contamination. Because the drip tip is the primary port, it becomes a primary target. It is best to get yourself a drip tip cap to avoid getting gunk into your vape. 

A silicone drip tip cap works perfectly and is relatively inexpensive. But the limitation with silicon drip tips is that they are easy to lose unless you keep track of them. In place of the same, invest in the magnetic drip tips, which are slightly more expensive but help keep the vape safe and attached more securely. 

Keep your vape together while outdoors. 

Outdoor vaping with a fully charged battery is great until you slip and break the tank or drip tip. Whatever the weather or environment, the great outdoors tends to bring out the "wild" in "wilderness" at the most inconvenient time. 

If you want your vape to last, make sure it is durable and up to the task. 

Consider strengthening your current device with reinforcements or adding a large grip band. If any of your spare parts get damaged or broken, it may also be worth having extras on hand. 

As an alternative, you could purchase a new device designed for outdoor use. It is better to look for vaping devices that are shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof when shopping for off-grid activities. Most waterproof devices aren't waterproof beyond a few meters of liquid, but if you ever find yourself in a puddle, your device might not survive. 

In some ways, these large gadgets can raise questions about outdoor efficiency, mainly as they weigh a ton. But on the other hand, a multipurpose, long-term technological purchase can save you money and carry more space. 



The booming vaping industry offers a wide variety of accessories and gadgets to keep outdoor vapers happy. Many types of vapes are available today, and many users bring the latest and most potent mods to stay dry in an emergency. At the same time, others carry a variety of cheaper vape pens with low resistance settings to last the trip. No matter what, finding your best solution comes from having all the facts. When forethought and luck are combined, you'll likely see only fluffy and flavored clouds. 

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