Paxful Clone Script — Start A P2P Crypto Exchange Platform Like Paxful

Article about Paxful Clone Script — Start A P2P Crypto Exchange Platform Like Paxful

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Oct 11, 2021

Paxful is a Peer-to-Peer network-based crypto exchange platform where you can connect with traders, all over the world to sell/buy cryptos. A decentralized P2P network avoids the interference of a middle-man and increases the transparency in trading. An automated match engine works seamlessly to process the buy/sell orders instantly. Since cryptos are very risky to handle, Escrow functions as a third party in any transaction, to ensure the value for money.

Coinjoker’s Paxful clone script is a business-ready script, loaded with all vital features of paxful. Our script comes with a white label solution that helps you to give a new and eye-catching look to your website. Take the help of our expert team to customize your desired features.

Run our bug-free source code to launch your own crypto exchange platform and grab traders across the globe and generate revenue instantly

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Paxful Clone Mobile App Development
Paxful clone app makes cryptocurrency trading still easier for all Android and iOS users. We have carried out thorough market research to assure convenience and technology. Now, use your handy mobile to get endless access to the crypto market and find a top position in the upgrading crypto environment

Premium Features of Paxful Clone Software
Cross trading
2. Offers creation
3. Profit margins & Trade Limits
4. Auto-withdrawal limit
5. Trading bot
6. Multilingual support
7. Escrow wallet
8. Payment gateway integration
9. IEO Integrated
10. Speedy match engine
11. Real-time statistics
12. Geolocation tracking

Security Features of Paxful Clone Script
KYC/AML Verification
2. Encrypt your wallet
3. Two Factor Authenticator
4. Update your software
5. Multi-sig Authentication
6. Offline Transaction signing
7. Control over security
8. Password updation alert
9. Secure File Transfer Protocol(SFTP)
10. Anti-phishing Software
11. Firewall Integration
12. CSRF Protection

Remarkable Features of Paxful Clone Mobile App
PIN/fingerprint Authentication
2. Pop-up notification
3. Multisig enabled wallet
4. Advanced UI
5. Secure Gateway
6. Conversion rare updates
7. Multilingual support
8. Customer feedback

Benefits of White-Label Paxful Clone Script
1. Trading bot favor
2. High processing speed
3. Cutting-edge blockchain solutions
4. Hassle-free transaction
5. Integrated escrow services
6. Flexible engagement model

Why choose Coinjoker to launch your own Crypto exchange platform like Paxful?
Coinjoker, a leading cryptocurrency exchange clone script development company works with a proficient team of developers who toils with dedication and clarity. Coinjoker’s reliable, robust and user-friendly clone script helps you to create a safe and secure trading ecosystem for your users. The quality is reflected on every client’s projects where you can see coinjoker’s uniqueness.

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