Pitcher Perfect brought Tom Howard and other Industry Leaders aboard

Article about Pitcher Perfect brought Tom Howard and other Industry Leaders aboard

Feb 28, 2019

Tom Howard, VC at Taureon Capital, recently attended the event Pitcher Perfect organized by UCIM on 15th February in Singapore. Taureon Capital is a digital asset investment and advisory firm and focuses on identifying talent so as to invest in the formation of a new asset class and advance blockchain technology initiatives.

“Had a great time here at the conference. Met a lot of good contacts, hell of investors and all other people who’re operating this space. So all around, a good and tight conference,” shared Tom Howard from Taureon Capital while talking about UCIM.

UCIM hosted Pitcher Perfect to bring aboard ICOs and leading investors to meet, dine and network together. The event witnessed top Industry leaders, investment funds, quant funds, OTC traders, and select innovative projects. Investors present at the event were from diverse industries.

“The event helped us in several ways. Not only we went up on the stage to share it with everyone present there but also had such nice conversations with a lot of investors. Some of our meetings were also one-on-one which was another great experience,” shared Adam Effendy Mustapha, COO at Bayan Token.

With a vision to create a greater good for all. The Bayan Token is grounded on strong Islamic beliefs with growth and value created through real and existing economic projects that will not only bring returns to our BYT holders but also bring “goodness” and real-world impact to society.

The journey of UCIM began in November 2018 when it had hosted a conference in Singapore. The conference witnessed prominent speakers such as Tim Draper, Tone Vays, Zing Yang, Babu Munagala, and Melanie Mohr. Over 350 investors, businessmen, entrepreneurs, media figures, and startups joined the move towards adoption of internet money.

About the panel discussion in the November conference in Singapore, Tom Howard posted, “Speaking in Singapore about new investing strategies... Dropped a few hints of the thesis of our new long term VC fund and got a really good reception! Excited to share it later this year! On the panel with Tushar from LuneX, Seth from Quoine/Liquid, Rennie from Crypto Valley Singapore, and Nehha from Sacred Capital”.

In an effort to continue with the vision to catalyze decentralization, UCIM Pitcher Perfect will be hosting the next event in April 2019 at Berlin. A ticketless platform is an invite-only event that will provide a stage for startups and ICOs to pitch their project to investors, hold one-on-one velocity meetings with them and build relationships and networks over a lavish spread of dinner and drinks.