Product Update: Custom Fields for Tasks are Here!

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Jay Davis activities: Other, IT, Project Manager

Aug 27, 2021

Hello, Orangescrum’ers! We are back with another update for you. Now users can create custom fields to add additional data to the tasks.

We are grateful to let you know that our team released custom fields based on your suggestions and requests.

To see your successful support towards our product, we have eagerly created a solution you have been wanting to have.

Once again thank you to everyone who ever contributed by suggesting and sharing their opinions regarding this feature.

Orangescrum has always been very cognizant of its customers’ needs and what would be best for them.

All the following updates are aimed to make Orangescrum more efficient and bring more simplicity to the project workflow.

In the recent past, we had released timesheet updates, resource skillset, and this time we come up with “Custom Field”.

What’s New: Custom Fields

Custom fields let you add additional data to tasks in your projects. You can create a custom field to capture more data for your tasks like URL, task number, any specific date related to tasks, cost, email, or anything else that’s important to your project, workflow, team, and company.

This allows individuals to have clarity on work happening across their projects.

Key Features

  • Create your own fields
  • Create a fields for specific business context that is available while creating a new project
  • Choose a field type
  • Enable field usage
  • Make your fields available for Task & task detail page by enabling custom field
  • Edit fields that have already been Assigned
  • Delete fields that have already been Assigned

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