Real Estate Tokenization

Article about Real Estate Tokenization

Jul 27, 2021

Real Estate Asset Tokenization is a tempting topic among various types of tokenization and grabbed huge attention among the crypto users that is because of their beneficial traits. Tokenization is similar to tokens but varies with altered motives. Lets, we look down below at this concept in detail which is provided by the Reputed Cryptocurrency Development Company, Developcoins.


Types of Real Estate Asset Tokenization

There are some types of real estate asset tokenization, they are


  • Commercial Real Estate Tokenization

  • Residential Real Estate Tokenization

  • Single Real Estate Tokenization

  • Industry Real Estate Tokenization 


Features of Real Estate Asset Tokenization

Real Estate Tokenization is the famous type of tokenization because of its need and traits only enhance its advantage. They are,


  • Globalized KYC/AML

  • Automated Reporting to authorities

  • Non-fungible Tokens

  • Automated Compliance

  • Multi Ledger Asset Token Development

  • Automate Legal and Regulations


Developcoins is one of the predominant token development company, which made them gain an easier brand as foremost Tokenization Asset Offering (TAO) services all over the globe. Our asset tokenization service is provided not alone for real estate but also for all sorts of an asset like gold, art, real estate, diamond and much more. Developcoins, a unique approach made to stand out in the global market and services is provided for enterprises, start-ups, and single peoples.


Tempted to create Real estate asset tokenization for your own assets!!!

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