Roles and Responsibilities of Salesforce Developer

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John Phil activities: Digital Executive

Jul 26, 2021

Salesforce is surely one of the best opportunities to grab a lucrative career in the cloud.

As we know, Salesforce is the top Customer Relationship Management platform that offers business solutions to clients integrating salesforce IT and client organization departments.

This helps to connect and collect inter and intradepartmental insight and analyze better solutions enhancing business productivity.


As Salesforce has been one of the top CRM platforms, a salesforce developer is one of the highly demanding job roles for end clients and salesforce too!

Are you prepared with the Salesforce certification exam and technical skill sets required to work as a Salesforce developer?

Some facts about the salesforce developer career

  • The highest base pay per year for a salesforce developer is $116,234

  • In the United States, there are more than 31000+ salesforce developer jobs, as per indeed survey

  • In a 2 year span of 2016-18, there has been a recorded rise of 43% in salesforce developer demand.

What have you been waiting for?

It is important to understand what a salesforce developer does.

As a salesforce developer, there are multiple roles and responsibilities that you need to fulfill.

This article will help you with the developer roles and responsibilities at Salesforce

Salesforce Developer Roles 

As a Salesforce Developer, it is required to perform a dynamic role to perform and execute the development and deployment of coding.

Further, a developer has to play an efficient role as a bridge between the end client and the Salesforce IT team.

Once you are in Salesforce, you must update with salesforce knowledge and research fundamentals to stay ahead with the technology and maintain troubleshooting to enhance business solutions.

A Salesforce developer must be well versed in communication and coordination skills.

Let us further know what domain-specific responsibilities a developer needs to take care of!

Salesforce Developer Responsibilities

Here is a list of responsibilities for a developer in Salesforce.

  1. As a salesforce developer, you must have complete orientation and execution skills in Apex development for classes and triggers, Visualforce and lightning components meeting end client business requirement

  2. Application development is one of the important aspects of salesforce developer responsibilities. Further, a developer has to implement updates on the existing application along with lightning pages and web components

  3. The developer is also responsible to work with an integrated application that will need efficient coordination between the business client team and the Salesforce IT team

  4. If you are into salesforce developer duties in a small organization, your roles and responsibility may overlap with salesforce admin.

  5. Testing and debugging

  6. Coding best practices and data coding

  7. Technical documentation process

Amongst the above-mentioned salesforce responsibilities, there are major duties of a developer in salesforce

  • Salesforce customization

  • Salesforce Configuration

  • Application development

  • Business portal designing

  • Complex customer workflow in the salesforce outputs

Furthermore, Salesforce developer job duties are based on experience at junior and senior levels. As you jump up the ladder you will have key responsibilities to manage.

This required expertise in salesforce technology skill set the orientation to fulfill responsibility meeting the desired deadline.

You must get skilled with Salesforce. This will help you in getting salesforce certified via certification exam and help you further with interview job expertise.

As a recommended strategy, it is suggested to sharpen your salesforce fundamentals and technical skill sets by enrolling in salesforce developer certification training.

Furthermore, the article will assist you with your SFDC certification and exam.

Salesforce Developer Certification and Training


A salesforce-certified professional has a higher chance to reach a senior position than an experienced but non-certified professional.

It is time to prepare for your certification exam. Hurry up!

Here is a list of salesforce certifications, you must know!

  • Platform Developer I is an important certification credential that may help you achieve developer expertise along with industry orientation and salesforce acquaintance.

Furthermore, you can utilize salesforce online literature to prepare and understand the programmatic system of CRM system

The two important elements that you need to prepare for the certification exam is: course syllabus and mockup exam

Check your salesforce course syllabus below

  1. Process Automation and Logic

  2. User Interface

  3. Testing, Debugging, and Deployment

Also, you can prepare for your exam with an exam guide too!


The article has explained insight into the salesforce developer roles and responsibilities.

Also, the course module and important web links for certification exam preparations have been enlisted.

Surely, being a Salesforce developer is one of the lucrative job profiles and we recommend starting your Salesforce career with the best instructor.