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Aug 23, 2021

Site support - adding products to the site, website maintenance plans publishing and writing unique news, filling sites with content, maintaining and blogging, tracking and removing spam, hosting, site administration, the cost of site support will depend on the number of services selected.

Maintenance of sites

·        It has many years of experience in creating and maintaining websites. Terms of service: on an ongoing basis with further priority.

·        It provides a guarantee, timely and high-quality website update. High-quality service of the site, the resource contributes to the fact that the site becomes profitable, it is always an integral leader of the top, the first ten search results, and it is not easy for hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of visitors to visit the resource, who later become your potential customers.

·        Interested in how much the maintenance of sites costs, you should understand that everything depends on the degree of its content. In fact, sites can be very different, creative, non-standard, multidirectional, strict, etc., but in any case, it will be exactly the way both you and your potential users want to see it.

·        By handing over your site to our hands, you will immediately get rid of the possible difficulties associated with adding and updating all the necessary information, and actually controlling the site and its smooth operation.

Website maintenance basics

Basically, one can even say, as a rule, site maintenance is:

  • Technical support of the site - this service point includes control over the stability of the site, protecting it from hacks, viruses and other long-term failures. Our programmers can connect new modules to your site, add new pages and whole sections, at the request of the client.
    Website support allows you to react in time to the slightest changes in the search engine algorithms, make all the necessary adjustments in order for the site to be well indexed - thanks to all this, the site is kept in excellent visibility by Google and Yandel.
  • Informational support of the site. As part of the general maintenance of the site, we update both the photos for the content and the text in general. This is done to keep your information sections always up to date. The specialists of our studio not only correctly typeset, but also post news and all the necessary articles on your website. We also fill new sections of the site with texts, add and optimize banners, images, make edits to existing ones and fill out new product offers in catalogs of online stores.
    Sooner or later, any resource needs updating or changing information - it can be: phone number, change of office address. In such cases, you will need our help, our company is always ready to provide you with all complex website support at a professional level.
  • Website marketing support - you can also order from us the promotion of your Internet resource in the TOP. Development, promotion and support of the site in Kiev and Kharkov - thats all of us, its all about us. By contacting us for marketing support, you will receive the most complete range of services provided, in all their best representations. We are ready to offer you full support of the site from its creation, to raising it to the TOP, and supporting it in leading positions.


By contacting us, you can order not only the creation, but also the maintenance of the site, in all its sections. When we are engaged in website maintenance, we set only adequate prices, which will soon justify your costs. website maintenance services in usa You can see examples of our work in our "portfolio", any task that is set before us is carried out with full responsibility and professionalism.


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Published: Aug 23, 2021

Published: Aug 23, 2021