SQL certification: Go from Beginner to the Expert

Article about SQL certification: Go from Beginner to the Expert

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Jun 4, 2021


In the “Database Management As a Service” market, Microsoft holds a 27% global market share, which is a poignant indicator of its consistent commitment in the tech world. This explains that there is a great opportunity for the SQL career path in the employment market.

Furthermore, top alternatives for MS SQL servers are Oracle, Amazon RDS, Postgre SQL and many more. However, Microsoft tops the leaderboard.

What are the current updates of Microsoft in the global market?

Few are listed below.

  • Microsoft is a company based in Redmond, Washington with global revenue of $143 billion and reported $44.3 billion as its net income for the financial year, 2020.

  • In recent times, the tech giant has acquired multiple organizations of different domains such as LinkedIn and Skype at $26 Billion and $8.5 Billion, and many more.

  • In Q3, 2021; the company recorded a revenue of 13.55 Billion USD.

Future scope of senior SQL DBA

The SQL dba career path, ahead of experience, has some future scope too. The transition of sql server dba from senior level has been noticed to grow up to senior sql dba and Sql dba level 4.The salary for the same experience range from $87,137/ year to $91,364.

Also, as the remote wok has surged, there is an evident inquiry into the sql server dba career path, generating multiple FAQ’s around the web. IN DaaS, IaaS, and PaaS market, sql server dba is one of the highlighting and demanding positions. 

SQL server dba certifications

The training and certification is the first step in your sql dba career. Furthermore, it helps to accomplish your SQL server dba job duties. Here is the list of certifications you must focus on to.

  1. Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals

  2. Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate Certification

  3. IBM Certified Database Associate

  4. MY SQL5.7 Database Administrator Certification

Once you complete your training and certification phase, the next step should be to hit the employment market.

But, are you fit for the ms SQL dba role? Let us explore the responsibilities you need to fulfill for your dream job!

Roles and responsibilities of SQL Server DBA

Once you are upskilled with training, the next step must be to understand the SQL server dba job duties. This will not only help you to crack dba interviews but also provide you a good clarity of the SQL world.

Your future dba roles and responsibilities is a three-dimensional task that includes major roles of a dba career, basic skills required to perform dba job duties, daily job roles, and weekly tasks respectively.

Few major SQL server DBA roles and responsibilities are listed below -

  • To create and design database systems from data allocation, network configuration and server design are one of the major SQL server DBA tasks.

  • Installation, Administration, and maintenance of sql server instances.

  • Setup a test development tagging and productive environment.

  • Create users and also the assigning of database permission

  • Design incident recovery plan, database monitoring, and recovery of database backup is needed for testing and development processes.

  • One of the significant factors for the job role in sql server dba is troubleshooting such as performance issues, server, network, and many more. 

  • In the development segment, SQL server DBA roles and responsibilities have a wider contribution for creating new tables, new indexes, new stored procedures and many more.

Project-specific skills are very crucial to enter in dba career.

The sql server dba job duties escalated even further when you reach an experienced position and may also change from the type of organization you work in. However, one of the smartest moves to ace in your SQL career path as a dba is to have baseline skills in coordination and information-centric behavior that may help your end clients.

Here is a list of skills required for your dba career job duties

  1. Data modeling and database design

  2. To manage metadata and repository usage

  3. Data security 

  4. Capacity planning

  5. ERP, business knowledge, and networking skills

  6. An expert hand in web-specific technology

  7. Understanding the interaction of storage hardware and software.

A database administrator is the soul of Database management. It is also important that you understand what the daily responsibilities of SQL dba look like! 

  • A dba has to ensure the backup and storage to a secure location

  • Also, backup failure errors need to be checked on daily basis followed by error rectification and backup rerun

  • A dba has to review the average duration backup

  • The backup files need to be validated via restore verify and further monitoring of backup

A dba is also responsible for weekly job duties in database management such as

  1. A comprehensive backup verification

  2. Capacity planning

  3. Fragmentation

  4. Maintenance

  5. Security


In SQL server DBA job responsibilities, information is the key component to look at and therefore it is important to understand the Cloud and management system market. Furthermore, for a job role in sql server dba position, there is cutthroat competition in the employment market. A candidate needs to be trained with SQL certification. Janbask Training has been a pioneer facilitator of SQL DBA certification and in the same thread, it helps aspirants to crack interviews. Also, we guide the SQL Server DBA task and we are happy to help. Connect with us.

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