Selecting Between Light And Dark Colored Drapery in Miami

Article about Selecting Between Light And Dark Colored Drapery in Miami

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Jul 21, 2021

Most people use the words curtains and drapes to mean the same thing. While both are two types of window treatment options, there are few differences between the two. Curtains tend to be more on the solid side, drapes are lined with heavy fabric so that they can essentially block off the sunlight, making your room cozy and comfortable. Naturally, due to the innate nature of drapes, these are mostly used in bedrooms and, at times, in living rooms.


The usual conflict sets in when you wish to buy light-coloured drapery Miami and your partner wants the dark-coloured ones. The dark versus light can become a bone of contention between the two or amongst all in the family before you decide to settle it all amicably. The ideal way is to seek help from an expert drapery installer or store near you. Professionals assess the room and the windows well before giving their opinion. We present here a short guide to help choose between dark and light draperies.


Where do dark Do draperies work effectively?

-          Go in for the blacks, dark blues, and browns when you have a spacious room. Dark colors make the drapes look rich. The use of dark drapes has an impressive visual effect on your room – these make the room look smaller, and the high ceilings shrink down in height. If your room is not as spacious, but the furniture is less and removed from one another, you might consider dark drapes because these help bridge space visually, at least.

-          Dark-colored drapes have a vivid and dramatic look and immediately helps people focus on the drapes and ignore the clutter inside the room.

-          Another good reason to go in for dark draperies in Miami is that you do not have to stress about regular cleaning because dust particles usually are concealed well on the darker fabric.


Where do light-colored draperies look good?

-          Choose the whites, beiges, greys, or even earthly colors for the classic touch to your space.

-          These are colors that have been traditionally used for drapes and therefore bring in a delicate, timeless charm to the place.

-          If your rooms are small in size, go in for the lighter tones of drapes because they effectively reflect light to create the illusion of a bigger room.

-          With laces, drapes look amazingly beautiful and add so much elegance and grace to your room.

-          Another reason is that light-colored drapes do not have much reason to fade with constant exposure to sunlight.

Beyond this guide, speak to a professional drape installer for the best results!