Shopify vs Squarespace: Which is better

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Oct 22, 2021

On the face of it, Shopify and Squarespace are both building tools with very similar functions: they let you design a website and sell products on it. However, once you use both the tools and delve a little deeper into their history, you will know that they are quite different. While Squarespace was created to develop content-based websites, Shopify was specifically made for developing online stores. 

In this article, we will draw a comparison between the two, i.e., Shopify vs Squarespace. However, today people tend to find them similar because Squarespace has added an e-commerce section and Shopify has added a content-creation section. 

Let us begin with a simple question.

Are you building a website or an online store?

This answer to this question will determine which tool is best for you. 

Building a Content-based Website:

In a situation of Shopify vs Squarespace, the latter will be an obvious choice for those building an informative website due to the following reasons:

  • Excellent templates

  • Intuitive content management system (CMS) 

  • Easy to use interface

  • Great displaying tools and photo editing

  • Strong blogging features

However, a limitation you have to keep in mind is that Squarespace is a closed-off system that does not allow integrating third-party apps easily. In the debate between Shopify vs Squarespace, we suggest opting for the latter if you want a professional look to your site in a matter of no time. 

Building an Online Store:

When it comes to building an online store and you have to decide between Shopify vs Squarespace ecommerce, go for the former. Shopify has a lengthy heritage when it comes to e-commerce which includes more experience and more trust from customers. It offers certain key features that are not available on Squarespace yet and that is what makes it so unique. These are:

  • It accepts payments in multiple currencies

  • Availability of various drop shipping options

  • It can be easily integrated with third-party apps to enhances the operations of your store

  • Inventory management options are more sophisticated

  • The point-of-sale features are more advanced

  • Tax calculation functions are more comprehensive

  • Availability of many payment gateway options

Shopify vs Squarespace Pricing

Now let us compare Shopify and Squarespace pricing. 

Squarespace plans:

The company provides customers with the following plans:

  • Personal- $16/ month

  • Business- $26/ month

  • Basic Commerce- $30/ month

  • Advanced Commerce- $54/ month

It also offers a two-week free trial and a variety of discounts on annual plan purchases. They have introduced new plans recently like ‘Squarespace Select’ ($4900/ year) and ‘Squarespace Enterprise’ (customized pricing). These plans have been specially made for corporate users to provide them with SEO-related help, security, and additional levels of support. 

However, there are also a few things to look out for about each plan. 

  • The personal plan does not allow you to customize at your will

  • You have to pay 3% transaction fees with the business plan

  • Without the advanced commerce plan, you cannot access features like real-time carrier shipping, advanced discounts, and selling subscriptions. 

Shopify Plans:

The company provides customers with the following plans and you can use these to understand the debate between Shopify vs Squarespace

  • Shopify Lite- $9/ month

  • Basic Shopify- $29/ month

  • Shopify- $79/ month

  • Advanced Shopify- $299/ month

  • Shopify Plus- customized pricing

Similar to Squarespace, Shopify also provides a 14-day trial. 

The key difference between Shopify and Squarespace pricing is:

  • Shopify exempts you from opening a standalone online store

  • You can add users to your account as per the plan you have purchased. For example, with the ‘Basic Shopify’ plan, you can only add 2 users

  • The Squarespace Select plan and the ‘Shopify plus’ plan are similar as they focus on enterprise users

Shopify vs Squarespace Payment Gateways

In this section let us compare Shopify and Squarespace payment gateways. As mentioned earlier, Shopify can be used in many countries and with all their currencies. This is possible because it facilitates the use of over 100 payment gateways. In contrast to this, Squarespace offers only two payment options- Paypal and Stripe. Customers have often complained about how it does not support Google Pay. 

Therefore, we can discern that from the point of view of payment processing gateways, Shopify is the more appealing option. It provides a great deal of flexibility that Squarespace does not. 

Difference between Shopify and Squarespace Key Features

  1. Interface

The two are not very different from each other in terms of the interface as the menu can be seen in the same position. However, if we are to find the answer to Shopify vs Squarespace, the latter is more elegant to look at and is even easier to use as far as content management is concerned. 

  1. Templates and Visuals

This is a subjective field as it deals with the beauty of something. However, most people agree on Squareface having gorgeous templates with 130 of them to choose from. On the other hand, the options provided by Shopify are limited to only 10 templates and do not look as contemporary as Squareface. 

  1. Shopify vs Squarespace- SEO functions

Shopify has been observed to handle SEO in a much better way than Squarespace. Google has come up with certain core web vitals that are easily met by Shopify’s technical setup. Shopify’s operations can be tweaked to meet the targets set by Google and this benefits in SEO functions. 

Where there is shopify vs squarespace for e-commerce and the SEO competition is high, it is better not to rely on Squarespace as its operations are not sophisticated enough. 

  1. Point of Sale in Shopify vs Squarespace

Point of scale or POS allows you to use sell hardwares in association with your online store. This allows you to sell in a physical location. Until very recently, only Shopify provided this feature. However, Squarespace has now come up with the feature in collaboration with an ecommerce website development company called Square. The only difference lies in which selling hardwares both allows. 

These are only a few of the key features we have pointed out. There are many more that can be researched on and compared in understanding which is better- shopify vs squarespace


The topic of Shopify vs Squarespace is very vast as there are many specific features and functions that can be compared. We have only compared a few here. However, it is not possible to declare a winner as both have their pros and cons. The two tools excel in different departments which makes each one unique and valuable. Do your own research before purchasing any of the plans to ensure that it serves you the best.