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Jun 12, 2021

Small business phone systems have come a long way in a relatively little while of time. No longer are you experiencing to pay a fortune to set up cumbersome, expensive systems - and yet, you have usage of more flexibility, more features, and better sound quality than ever.

Characteristics of todays business telephone systems

· Extremely flexible

With traditional analog (landline) systems, you had to decide what features you wanted and then have the telephone company add them, usually at significant cost feature by feature. A tech had ahead out to your company, and actually physically change your setup or make other adjustments so that those features might be added.

Thats not the case with todays Internet-based telephone systems. Called "voice over Internet protocol" or VoIP, the Internet has made installing and upgrading business telephone systems super easy indeed. Youll will often have to have an initial session with a tech setting things up, but then you can certainly usually handle most changes all on your own from an easy-to-use Web based interface.

· Laden up with features - at no extra cost

Traditional business phone systems do have features like call forwarding, call waiting, and caller ID, but youre generally going to pay extra for them. With voice over Internet protocol telephone systems, youll receive most or even all those features at no extra cost away from monthly fee.

· Most long-distance calls are included for "free," too

With traditional business systems, you had to pay extra for long-distance calls; even more expensive were long-distance calls to other countries. With Internet-based telephone services, you generally wont pay anything extra for domestic cross country calls, and youll pay a moderate fee at most for international calls.

· Add more users effortlessly

As your company expands, you almost certainly also need more employees, this means youll need more extensions for those employees. With traditional analog systems, you needed a technician emerge and set things up for you. Depending on your own particular services requirements, though, you are able to generally buy one service package and grow with it for an important period of time and never having to pay extra. And additionally, you are able to generally add the additional extensions yourself, again through an easy-to-use interface.

· Call forwarding to your mobile phone lets you be out and about

You may get call forwarding sometimes to your mobile phone, your property contact number, and other cell phone numbers as needed with traditional analog services, but again, youll pay extra with this service. With the new Internet based business phone systems, call forwarding comes along with your service, at no extra charge. In the event that you must be out and about and not stuck at your desk phone, you are able to forward calls to your mobile phone and continue with business as usual, although youre not actually in the office.

· You can use your analog equipment

If youve had a conventional phone system and are actually switching to Internet-based services, you can use your analog equipment. The connections are just run via a router, which then connects to the Internet rather than through traditional phone lines. Most people claim that with your business telephone systems, voice quality is even much better than with traditional landline service, providing you the additionally worlds.

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Published: Jun 12, 2021