Some vital tips to build a real-time taxi app in the form of the Uber clone

Article about Some vital tips to build a real-time taxi app in the form of the Uber clone

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Nov 22, 2021

The satisfaction that customers get when they reach their desired location safely and on-time are unparalleled. Uber has been doing this consistently for more than 12 years. It has a fleet of trained and skilled drivers who are powered by an advanced ride-matching algorithm. 

Some smart tactics to follow while developing a Uber like app are

  • Determining if the Uber clone should be launched locally within a few cities or globally across several countries. 

  • Developing the advanced ride-matching algorithm that should be capable of handling both private and shared-ride requests from the passengers.

  • Creating the origin node that guides the drivers from their location. 

  • Curating the destination node that takes them to their required destination without any delay. 

  • Preparing an algorithm for real-time sharing of external information like weather conditions, the traffic situation in different areas, and ongoing construction activities.

  • Accurate calculation of the average pickup time, detour duration (to pick up another passenger in case of ride-sharing), and the total time that is taken for drop-off.

  • Including modern technologies like data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) to optimize the efficiency of ride-matching between drivers and customers. 

The various challenges to take into account while launching an Uber clone

  • Taxi assignment issues - This will increase if there are a huge fleet of cabs to be managed by the entrepreneur. The right decision has to be made by comparing the total ride requests of the users and the number of available drivers. 

  • The shortest path problem -Since the taxis have to be made available at short notice to the passengers, an advanced route optimization mechanism has to be utilized.

  • Combinatorial optimization complications -The dynamics of taxi dispatch will keep changing as the Uber like app continues to refresh. The main aim of the admin of the Uber clone would be to minimize the time and costs of sending cabs to the different locations of customers. 

Final Thoughts

If entrepreneurs get the intricacies of the ride-matching algorithm in their Uber like app right, their ride-hailing solution will be a resounding success in the industry. It takes time to set up the ride-matching software, test it in a large market, and optimize the algorithm over the period. Follow the above-mentioned tips while launching your trailblazing Uber clone.