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Aug 13, 2021

Cryptocurrencies are evolving & the rise of the new crypto trading website has a drastic growth in recent years. Entrepreneurs & business groups have moved on by building their own crypto platforms in the modern era. As cryptocurrency exchange operates nonstop for 24/7 so the trade volume has been peeking says experts. Billion dollars contributing crypto exchanges makes the traders stick on to the platform for a longer period in time.

Entrepreneurs & business enterprises have made a quick jump by moving to crypto exchange development for a good reason. Now let me explain you about the money-making ways by the crypto exchanges.


A service fee is charged when a buyer & sellers involved in a trade

Listing fees

When a new exchange is setup a commission revenue will be offered to the owners.

Market Making

One of the great revenue streams is market making by the crypto exchange. Here, more liquidity is produced for a given financial price.

Fund Collection for IEOs, STOs, and ICOs

Equip the platform with an IEO module by allowing other companies to organize token sales.

I hope you will get a basic benefit of starting a crypto trading website if you want technical support & complete end-to-end service for developing a crypto trading website/ application then SellBitBuy can help you.

Developers from their team build a ready-made white label LocalBitcoins Clone Script to build an exchange like local bitcoins. Other trading websites like binance, paxful, remitano, wazirx can also be developed for you to kick start your business.

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Monish Sinthala
Sep 3, 2021 12:45

Wow. A very interesting blog related to the localbitcoins clone which I stumbled upon. Also, I would agree with few things said in it. Anyways thanks for the blog. Will share it with my peers and friends. Cheers.