Surprised by Jungkook (BTS) phone ringtone, fans exclaimed Global Idol is a strange Gen Z

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Nov 20, 2021

The ringtone of the youngest BTS member surprised fans because "I thought I was unfamiliar but I was familiar with it".

With Gen Z, changing phone dzwonki mp3 to different songs and sounds is almost a pleasure. We often choose a song that suits our interests and personality to set as our phone ringtone. However, recently, "Global Idol" Jungkook surprised fans with his "weird" ringtone choice.

According to known information, currently the ringtone that the youngest BTS member is using is the classic ringtone - 80s Phone . Anyone who tries to listen to it can recognize this as a very familiar sound. Jungkook's use of this sound makes fans very excited because he can easily have a "cheap moment" with him, and at the same time exclaims that he is such a strange Gen Z because no one today Play the classics like that again.

Having a thing in common with even the smallest idol is also a joy for fans, because there are rarely moments with an idol that is really "cheap" (cheap) for fans to "swing". This little information that has just been revealed about Jungkook is good news for ARMYs (BTS's fandom name) who want to have a "cheap moment" with their idol. Imagine every time a call tone rings and somewhere in far away Korea, Jungkook has the exact same ringtone, which is enough to make fans excited!

Right after that, ARMYs quickly competed to change their ringtones so that they could have an easy "cheap moment" with Jungkook even if they had to give up their own ringtone preferences:

I'm using Doraemon music but I have to give up my passion to have a cheap moment with you!

- Sorry, I used bricks.

- Cheap moment is the best!

- I don't remember a comment saying he's a weird Gen Z. I had expected it, but I didn't expect him to play the 80s ringtone.

- Go listen to it and realize I'm not alone.

- Gen Z has never played a classic like this before.

- I can swing this cheap moment!