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May 20, 2021

Why has TRON been introduced ?

TRON – To Create Decentralized Peer to Peer Digital Media ECOSystem.

Blockchain For Media & Entertainment Now Becomes True With TRON’s Decentralized Network.

We know blockchain gonna disrupt a set of various major industries, in which media & Entertainment was also queuued. But We don’t know how exactly blockchain will benefit the Music, Media, games & other entertainment niches. TRON has been Introduced to answer all these questions.

TRON Has been introduced with the intention of making a decentralized peer to peer media & entertainment ecosystem. So with this blockchain protocol, publishers can directly deliver their digital content to all the nodes inside the P2P network. 

In simple terms, in future people can buy any music album directly from the composer or publisher. Likewise, games and other digital content can be shared via these networks directly to the end user. 

So the punishers don’t have to wait for a channel on youtube, itunes or any other centralized medium in order to distribute their media to the audience. 

Based on this we can make any kind of dapps on TRON which may be games, gambling, collectibles, exchanges and more. 

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