The Future of the Greater Paris Region

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Oct 4, 2019

The Greater Paris Region is facing a profound upheaval in the coming decades: completion of the Grand Paris Express will have a major impact on the territory’s general organization with the emergence of new key central zones.

The Grand Paris Express represents a tremendous opportunity for the Greater Paris Region to definitively enter into the realm of the major 21st-century metropolises.  In the suburbs, the arrival of such infrastructure will significantly reduce the transportation time required to reach the rest of the territory. By compressing travel time and thus bringing people closer to their workplaces, it will encourage the emergence of new and very attractive areas for both residents and companies. As for the Boulogne-Créteil arc, the GPE will create new urban links between economically complementary business areas, thus offering qualitative spaces for the accommodation of these companies. Thus, by proposing a structurally coherent whole, the suburbs will become a real extension of the city center.

« Anticipating certain sectors’ futures is crucial in a promoter, investor or end-user development strategies. Thanks to a 40 million m² constructability reservoir and the emergence of new key centers, the suburbs will offer solid growth prospects and important sources of value » says Laurence Bouard, Director of the Studies & Research Department at Colliers International France.

Through an innovative approach based on the analysis of micro-localized data, Colliers International delivers its forward-looking vision of “Grand Paris”  by unveiling the future face of the metropolis.

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