The Most Expensive Horse in Zed RUn

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Alice Jenifferze activities: Digital Marketer

Oct 29, 2021

Zed Run is the popular NFT based Racing Platform. where anyone can race on digital tracks and collect any one kind of horse. You can use thousands of dollars to increase your stable and breed any championship bloodlines. Thus Zed Run is a NFT based Horse breeding gaming ecosystem, that allows you to take part in breeding race horses & produce new offsprings.

Zed Run consists of four bloodlines namely,

· Nakamoto

· Szabo

· Finney &

· Buterin.

The Most Expensive Horse in Zed Run

Zed Run is a popular NFT  based horse racing game. It allows users to buy and breed horses. Each and Every Horse represented by a Non-Fungible Token.VHS (Virtually Human Studio) stated that  Up to date, almost 30 million worth virtual race horses have been bought by the zed run gamers.In Zed run, the most expensive horse is currently sold for up to 30 ETH. The Participation of Andreessen Horowitz & Red Beard Ventures raised $20 M through a series A funding round led by TCG Capital Management.

Zed Run is getting popular in recent days, and obviously, more cryptopreneurs out there are willing to start their own NFT Marketplace, By making use of Zed Run Clone Script, one can kick start their own NFT gaming platform instantly.


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