The Most Important Verticals Within The Fintech Sector:

Article about The Most Important Verticals Within The Fintech Sector:

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Jun 29, 2021

Firoz Patel considers that the following verticals are the most important within the sector:

Means of payment and transfers. Payment platforms, electronic commerce and international transfers. Infrastructure for financial services.

Evaluation of clients and risk profiles, fraud prevention, identity verification, banking APIs, aggregators of means of payment, big data & analytics, business intelligence, cybersecurity and electronic contracting.

Digital origination of credits. They are companies that offer credit products through electronic platforms. Financial solutions for companies.

Software for accounting and billing and financial management infrastructures.

Personal finance and financial advice. Management of personal finances, comparators and distributors of financial products, financial education, automated advisors and financial planning.

Financial markets. Digital brokerage services for securities, financial instruments and currencies. Crowdfunding.

InsurTech. Technology applied to the provision of services in the insurance sector.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Developers of solutions based on the blockchain, intermediaries and digital asset markets.

Disruptive financial entities. Banks or other 100% digital financial entities.

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Published: Jun 29, 2021

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