The Pandemic Changed Office Cleaning Forever

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Nov 10, 2021

For anyone alive, regardless of their age, the COVID-19 pandemic and its ramifications were unlike anything they had experienced before. It was especially pronounced in hard-hit spots like New York City. As people return to work and life resumes cautiously, having an NYC office cleaning serviceof the highest caliber remains a priority for many companies and large employers of other types. Many of the disinfecting and sanitizing protocols that began in the early days of the pandemic are being continued for people's peace of mind. Shared touchpoints are routinely wiped down with disinfectants.


With the limits of work-from-home under discussion in many industries, a return to the office for many workers is significant. Keeping things cleaner than would have been expected previously is the order of the day. Along with vaccinations and mask requirements, preventing the return of the coronavirus includes heightened cleaning and disinfecting protocols. Much of the new focus is placed on entryways and shared spaces, especially tight ones like elevators. People need the peace of mind that they are being cleaned and disinfected routinely and to the highest standards for peace of mind.


Another pandemic side effect in business has been a squeeze on budgets. When you add the sanitizing protocols and then need to reduce expenditures, it leaves facilities managers in a squeeze. It's where efficiency gains like the ones achievable with team cleaning come into play. The old zone cleaning methods can't deliver the efficiency of the team approach, especially in large offices. If you're not yet familiar with it, team cleaning puts a crew on a single task such as floor care office-wide. They make a clean sweep through the premises. It's more efficient than people handling all functions in a zone.


Good client relations also depend in some part on office cleanliness. Inviting customers to visit can be an essential part of relationship building. When they first enter your office, you need to make an excellent impression, and a clean space will help every time. Besides efficiency gains and budget savings, another advantage of outsourcing is responding to moments when you need a larger staff. If you plan and manage special events or large meetings at your office, your cleaning needs increase around those times. An outside contractor can quickly bring additional janitorial staff to help at peak demand moments.

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