The Role of Software Development in the Healthcare Industry

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Feb 17, 2021

Healthcare Software Development

The Healthcare industry remained somewhat ignorant by the software development technology until the COVID-19 pandemic hit us hard in 2020. But it proved to be eye-opening for the healthcare sector that software development and technological advancements are prevalent to provide better healthcare.

 There are a lot of benefits that healthcare software development provides but before getting started let’s have a look at what is healthcare software development and what challenges custom healthcare software development can solve.

There’s no doubt that healthcare is one of the most important and crucial industries in the world and it has been growing rapidly in the last decade. Technological advancements in services, care management, and information delivery are revolutionizing the medicine sector.  Healthcare companies are thriving by offering the best possible care.

Despite these advancements, this sector still faces challenges in terms of quality improvement, operations management, increasing productivity and reducing errors.

Here are some of the main challenges facing healthcare providers that could easily be resolved by custom software development. Increasing budgetary pressure, compliance with regulatory requirements, Managing operational and IT related issues, administration staff and more.

Healthcare software development plays a crucial role in terms of achieving better quality patient treatment, reducing the cost for both customers and healthcare service providers, shortening the time to provide and receive care.

One of the main concerns for the healthcare industry when it comes to online software development for streamlining key challenges is security of healthcare information. Healthcare software development companies in the USA, UK and Canada have been victims of security attacks. The most highlighted attack “Wanna Cry” in 2016 compromised the national database of the UK's healthcare provider. To deal with security issues it is important for hospitals and healthcare organizations to:

  • Streamline the documentation, storage, and exchange of health data
  • Keep it from being exposed to malicious and criminal intentions
  • Protect from being attacked by criminal social engineers
  • Assign sufficient resources, IT, experience to data security

For tackling these issues, healthcare software application that is secure has become a necessity nowadays. Here is a list of key software applications:

1.Telemedicine Software Development

Telemedicine software plays an important role in establishing end to end communication between doctors and patients. It has become more popular during the pandemic due to large benefits it provides including contactless treatment, remote patient monitoring and instant video calling with the doctor.

2.Patient Engagement Solutions

Patient engagement solutions help in streamlining healthcare to the patients without waiting for long. Services like secure messaging, patient registration and appointment reminders come under this system.

3.Remote Patient Monitoring Software

Companies are highly investing in custom software development that enable patient health monitoring remotely by using virtual care or wearable devices that capture health data. It facilitates real-time medical data analytics, AI-enabled assistants and EMR integration.

4.AR Medical APP Development

Google’s IRIS detection technology that detects 50+ vital disease with a mere eye scan is a great example of how implementing AR in medical is helping medical institutions in diagnosing and treating several diseases in low cost. Today the doctors are equipped with latest AR medical app to detect injury type and conduct AR-enabled surgery.

5.E-Medical Record Software

EMR software increases clinical productivity big time by connecting patients via patient portals. All the patient's medical history can now be managed in a single portal which makes it easier for the doctors to diagnose disease and provide healthcare based on medical history.

All these and many other software plays an important role in making healthcare one of the most thriving industries today. Moreover, the current pandemic has made us realize that technology is prevalent in the healthcare industry if we want to provide healthcare to a large number of people in a timely and cost effective manner.

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