The best time to visit Taj mahal

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Nov 10, 2021

Visit Taj during sunrise. reach as early as possible for you. The opening hours is from sunrise to sunset, search for the exact time when it opens and be the first visiter to enter. opening time is different in summer and winter so please cross verify and visit when it is least crowded.

worst time is during afternoon when it is most crowded and hot.

evening is also a good time if you are not able to make it in the morning. Even photographs clicked during sunrise and sunset look mesmerizing.

if you are visiting Taj on a full moon day or two days before and after full moon, go for a night visit too. you have to book tickets in a day advance for that and there is some limit for the number of people allowed for the night visit check these details at ticket counter.

many authors, poets, artisans and etc, tried to simplify the reason behind calling this monument as wonder of the World but the only thing that give best answer to this question is it’s beauty only.


This Monument is not only the symbol of eternal love but it is also the symbol of fine art. The intricate work on the marble used in building this monument is the most fascinating one. There were most precious stones and gems are used in building this fine piece of art. Last but not the least, the location of this monument is the another factor which attracts and mesmerize people.

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