Three Tech Innovations for Shy People in Marketing & PR

Article about Three Tech Innovations for Shy People in Marketing & PR

Jul 13, 2021

As business people, we realize that networking, meaning meeting new people, is important. We have no doubts. As shy marketing and public relations people, however, we wince at the thought of these interactions even though we know many of these people are absolutely wonderful, fabulous really. Indeed, the time has come to move for happiness since innovation is making our lives easier every day.

Phone Calls

I keep away from phone conversations to the best of my ability, halfway because of my hearing loss, but mainly due to my incredibly shy nature; however, I know there still comes when I should get the telephone and use it for some different option from messaging. Although I often call people after office hours to leave perky, concise messages to share data or give answers, Ive been at somewhat of a loss with the increased popularity of cell phones as office phones.I recently learned of an application for advanced mobile phones called Straight to Voicemail. This application allows the caller to call anyone, anytime and go directly to voice message. Genius. We shy marketing people, or hurried people in the event that you rather, would now be able to leave our important information, being direct and kind thus making the best of impressions, without to such an extent as conversing with a single live person unless we decide to. This for under two dollars. I do adore innovation.

Hiring Help

Sometimes we need ongoing, physical help and hire through traditional means: Adverting followed by a myriad of walk-ins and even more phone calls, various in-person talks with, reference check calls, etc. There are times, however, when the assistance we need is all the more present moment or easily be completed by a telecommuter. If desiring a virtual assistant, for instance.

Hosting Meet and Greets

Meet and greets, such as the ones facilitated by the Chamber of Commerce have consistently made my heart to race and my cheeks to burn red. However, this kind of networking event has quite recently gotten simpler just as more productive and successful through the innovation of technology.

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