Top 10 Medical Marijuana Strains

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Nov 22, 2021

The cannabis world has changed a lot over the years. Cannabis or marijuana has long been hiding in the shadows because of its legality, but thanks to cannabis proponents, they have worked hard in bringing cannabis on where is it is today. A booming industry that is recognized in the global economy.

The stigma attached to the use of marijuana is slowly being broken down. The use of marijuana has been legalized in several places, and it is getting popular votes as well. Most people are now knowledgeable about the benefits of using cannabis both for recreational and medical use.

Medical cannabis paved the way to its legality in half the states in the U.S, Washington D.C, and in about 40 countries. Medical researches were conducted subjecting the benefits of medical marijuana, and it has shown positive responses proving that it can help in the treatment of a variety of medical conditions. 

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