Top 5 Features To Boost Up The Peer-To-Peer Payment Venmo Clone

Article about Top 5 Features To Boost Up The Peer-To-Peer Payment Venmo Clone

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Oct 5, 2021

The world is moving rapidly into a cashless way of transactions to save time in standing in a queue to withdraw cash from banks. It is high time to provide the users to shift from the wallets to e-wallets with your Venmo clone app development. The online payment platform has shown great benefits for the user to make payments at any stores and also do transactions for their friends and families by being in their house. Therefore, creating a seamless flow of peer-to-peer payment platforms will grab users' attention from all over the world. 

First and foremost, Venmo clone is an alternative solution of the Venmo app. Our app development firm Turnkey Town offers a ready-to-launch solution where you can save a lot of time from developing an app from scratch and also untangle it from the complexities. Our esteemed app developers integrate your app like Venmo with a robust tech stack and fulfill our client’s requirements. Let us have an overview of the features of the Venmo clone app. 

Extensive Features Of Venmo Clone App

Transfer Money - Transferring the money from one account to another account directly without any third-party access is made simple with the Venmo clone app. 

Access Contacts - The users can sync their contacts in your app like Venmo to transfer the money to the concerned end user. 

In-App Wallet - We integrate an in-built wallet into the Venmo clone script to do the fastest transactions. Even at times when the server of the bank is down, the in-app wallet plays a vital role. In this case, the users can upload some amount of the money in the app wallet and avail it for transactions while shopping and at any store. 

Instant Audio Based Confirmation - The app is integrated with the instant audio-based confirmation feature in the merchant panel. In this case, once customers make the payment, an audio-based confirmation is given on soundbox 2.0, and therefore, the merchant will be aware that the payment is done.  

Generate An Invoice - Both the users will receive a detailed summary invoice about the payment.  

Transaction History - Providing the users with complete translation history helps the users to have a look into the summary whenever needed. 

Push Notification - Keeping your users with instant messages, the bridge between users and your app will be constant. You can send the messages regarding the amount debited and credited details promptly. 

Winding Up 

In brief, we at TurnkeyTown is renowned for developing an app instantly, and we integrate your Venmo clone script with the latest features and technologies for a seamless flow. You can interact with our esteemed team right away.