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Jun 15, 2021

One of the most common mistakes when driving, drivers make en masse not even around midnight, but only when dusk falls at dawn or, conversely, at sunset.Automatic driving lessons Wolverhampton At this time of day, many motorists have a feeling of false confidence that it is already / is still light enough and the drivers are driving as boldly and sometimes carelessly as during the day. This is where the danger lies.

At dusk, the illumination is quite low (this is well known to photographers who, for this reason, shoot at pre-sunset / pre-dawn time from a tripod). In addition, under such illumination, the efficiency of the cars lights decreases, which, in particular, reduces visibility.

Recommendations for driving at dusk are quite simple: you need to observe the permitted speed, increase the distance to the traffic in front and watch the road with special attention.

More light isnt always good

Of course, the further the optics shines, the more it captures the road in width, the better. But headlights also need to be used wisely. The main beam can blind the driver driving in the oncoming lane, because of which he will see only a solid spot of white light for some time. This can cause a frontal collision. So, if you are blinded, you should stop and turn on the hazard warning lights.

There are generally accepted rules for the use of high and low beam. As soon as you approach oncoming traffic, you need to switch from high beam to low beam. If the driver of the oncoming vehicle did not do the same, you should take the extreme right position and look also there.

In a situation where you are blinded by a high-beam vehicle moving behind and its driver does not respond in any way to your requests to switch it by flashing brake lights, it would be wiser to let this car overtake you and try not to look in the mirrors.

When you want to overtake, then, as soon as you catch up with the car, select the low beam, so as not to blind the driver. During overtaking, having caught up with the overtaken vehicle, again select the far one so that the roadway is well lit. If it happens the other way around and overtake you, you also need to switch to low beam when the car is equal to your vehicle.

Be especially vigilant on the rise, because when approaching its peak, the risk of being blinded by traffic moving in the opposite direction significantly increases.

Fighting sleep

About how dangerous it is to fall asleep while driving, how to behave if you feel that you are tired and sleep overwhelms you, they broadcast in detail even in driving schools, but in reality everything is so that all these tips fly out of the memory of many motorists as soon as they get the rights.

But if in the dark on the way you are falling asleep so much that it is just right to insert matches into heavy eyelids. Automatic Driving Lessons Coventry You should not struggle with it diligently. This can lead to irreparable consequences. Neither a bucket of coffee or a horse dose of energy drinks, nor various kinds of pops or tweaks can

replace even a short sleep. The energy drink may not let you sleep overwhelm you, but at the same time it will not add the concentration necessary for night driving.

And therefore, if you are chopped to sleep, then it is better to stop and take a nap. Doctors assure that even a fifteen-minute sleep can invigorate a person for the next two to three hours.

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