Website Design Checklist: How To Launch A Perfect Site Through An Organized Design Process

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Oct 25, 2021

This article can be helpful for both people or companies dedicated to the design andWeb development of websites. It should be noted that this website design checklist is not for an online store but for a website without e-commerce.

Checklist to create a web page

The following is the checklist for designing a website according to our experience developing web projects.

Checklist No. 1- Briefing

To correctly formulate a project for the design and development of a dynamic content website, it is necessary to obtain information from the client. Finishing all the strategic knowledge of the project based on a document that will be your project guide.

Checklist No. 2- Structure-based on the Proposal

Based on the information collected in the briefing phase, the web site's structure is designed and documented to understand the scope of the web project.

Checklist No. 3- Task Formulation

There are different web pages, and each page has its unique characteristics, so taking this under consideration, a mission must constantly be formulated that lets the design and development team observe little by little.

Checklist No. 4- Receiving Resources

The client must give the provider access to the resources it requires to carry out its work, such as the domain, the current hosting (if it has it), the current website dashboard (if it has it), etc. The following is a bit practical guide to understand this step:

Briefing- The client had to fill out the briefing, and the agency validated it to have the necessary information to design the navigation structure.

Company logo in curves (Adobe Illustrator format, Corel Draw). The logo is not accepted as an image; it must be editable.

Images in digital format- The client must provide the images of their products, those used to set the ambiance of their services, equipment, and all those necessary to produce the graphic elements that will set the different areas of the website. Images must be at least 2000 pixels wide with a minimum resolution of 72 dpi.

Texts in digital format- All the texts that are required to document and explain each of the areas of the website. You can deliver them in Word format, preferably.

Videos in digital format- If video insertion is required in any area, the client must deliver it ready to use, already edited, since the video editing service is not included in the design and development of a website.

Access to the domain- If the client does not have hosting, he must give the domain credentials (access URL, username, and password). If the client wants to work with the hosting where he currently has his website, he does not need to provide domain credentials since the website is functioning correctly.

Access to current hosting- The client must provide access to the administration panel of the current hosting if he wants to use the hosting that he already has or that he wants to do a migration. You must provide the access URL, username, and password.

When a company wants to radically improve or change the web project that it currently has and uses exactly the same material that it has today, it is not making a real change. It is only making a design adjustment to its website. If this is the situation of the client's project, the recommendation is to review the contents, services, and how it has been communicated to proper adjustments the visitor feels a real improvement.                                                                                                            

Checklist No. 5-  CMS Installation

This step refers to the setup inside the website hosting of a software program on which to layout the web page, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or others. The most used CMS is WordPress (undoubtedly the choice of the people). 

Checklist No. 6-  HTTPS Activation

SSL certificates are practically an obligation today. This is respected-need to have for any internet assignment and could even be purchased for free. From the web hosting, the certificates are activated so that the site goes from HTTP to HTTPS. This is a must-do web design checklist.

Checklist No. 7-  Really Simple SSL Installation

SSL works very well in WordPress and guarantees full coverage of the security certificate on the website, both at the backend and frontend level. This means that there is no corner of the website without the scope of the security certificate, including multimedia content.

Checklist No. 8-  Installation of ESSENTIAL Components

Each software or website development company will have a bank of essential components, those non-negotiable that any website (regardless of the industry it belongs to) must have installed.

Checklist No. 9-  GP Installation & Configuration

If the website is made based on a theme, then it is installed and activated.

If the website is based on a theme and is already installed and activated, it is configured. A quick step to read, but on the website, a design checklist can be an activity that takes a long time.

Checklist No. 10-  Dummy Content Upload

Dummy content is test content and is used to view the operational site without having actual project content. This step can be skipped when you have 100% content from scratch.

Checklist No. 11-  Navigation Structure Design

An essential step on the website design checklist for designing a website. Based on the information collected from the client, the navigation mechanisms of the entire website are created.

Checklist No. 12-  Actual Content Upload

The information delivered at the beginning is located in its destination, texts, images, videos, featured content, everything is in the right place.

Checklist No. 13-  Incorporation of Design Elements

Graphic design makes communicational projects as cool as you want or can. The illustrations lose importance if it does not communicate the brand's truths.

Checklist No. 14-  Almost final product validation

Once all the puzzle components are joined, the final product is validated for the person who has hired it, and if there are final touches, they are carried out in the next step.

Checklist No. 15-  Near Final Product Adjustments

If there are final touches before delivery, they are made at this time, approved, and delivery proceeds.

Checklist No. 16-  Content Optimization for SEO

All the content included in the website receives an initial optimization for SEO that the client must continue to strengthen with the production of the content on a day-to-day basis. This optimization is basic and does not seek to achieve significant results but simply open a beautiful and functional web page.

Checklist No. 17-  Content Indexing in the Search Console

Each website's contents are indexed in the Google search console (Search Console) after creating the account and linking the property to it. The last step on the website design checklist, the delivery of a website.

Methodology with Guarantees

The work methodology represents a considerable percentage of success in a website development checklist and design project. The process must have "locks," that is, approval guarantees, which means that when something is approved in one phase of the project, it cannot be returned to another step.

So, these were the website design process checklist. We hope these 17 least known website design checklists will prove helpful to you or your web design company. If you have any questions, please comment.