What Are The Different Types Of Pea Coats & How To Style Them

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Oct 14, 2021

A Complete Guide To Navy Pea Coats:

Created by the Royal Kingdom's heritage the ultimately sophisticated and delicate pea coats represent the true fashion ethnicity of England. A pea coat is a unique kind of coat that has knee length and like any coat comprises woolen fabric. The fabric contains water and cold-resistant qualities that can provide you with ultimate protection. Most people go for them because of these qualities. Despite their versatile style, they can be a bit tricky when it comes to assembling them with the overall look. 

There are many types of peacoats the most popular ones are the:

  • The Bridge Coat: They were created for the officers recruited on the ship duties.
  • The Single-Breasted Coat: They contain a single row of buttons and unlike the traditional coats, they are a bit different.
  • The Double-Breasted Coat: They are the most common type of coat which is usually preferred in the black navy pea coat.

When it comes to styling up a pea coat you must first consider the fitting and size. This is the crucial part as most people make the mistake of wearing an oversized pea coat which ruins the whole look. There are many big brands that sell these coats for instance schott, gloverall, Riess and so many more. The most common mistake people make with coats is that they wear them with vibrant colored inners. Remember that the main highlight of your look is the coat not the inner so choose a dark-toned inner and if you want to do a bit extra then try the long boots, again in dark color.

Articles authored by  Caroline Taylor