What Is The Highest Paid Salary of a SQL Database Administrator

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Aug 30, 2021


SQL is the worlds leading open-source database.

This has driven many companies to demand certified SQL professionals.

With high demand in the employment market, jobs have taken a steep rise and therefore you need a strong career strategy for an SQL Database administrator.

But, do you know how much SQL Developer earns?

As per dice survey, an average salary of SQL Database Administrator earns up to $95,000

Opportunities for a SQL Database Administrator

Furthermore, once you are certified with SQL Server Training and certification, you can work in various industries such as

  1. IT

  2. Healthcare and medicine

  3. Banking and Finance

  4. Transportation

  5. Ecommerce

  6. Media and Entertainment

  7. NPO

  8. Financial Services

In the global employment market, the top hiring giants that have a high job posting for SQL Database Administrator are

  1. Microsoft

  2. Accenture

  3. Oracle

  4. Morgan Stanley

  5. JP Morgan Chase

  6. American Express

  7. XPO Logistic

  8. Amazon Web Services

  9. Netflix

  10. UnitedHealth Group

Salary of SQL Database Administrator

The best opportunity to earn a high salary package as SQL Database Administrator is by getting certified in SQL Server.

Once you step inside the SQL DBA job role, there are many lucrative career perks that have a salary as exciting features.

The salary of a SQL DBA depends on location, experience, and SQL certification.

In the United States, there have been varying salary graph spending on different locations.

As every location has different markets that create different supply chain orders in its employment market.

Also, this results in a cutthroat competition between individuals looking out for a SQL dba job role.

Check the location-dependent SQL dba salary in the United States



San Mateo, CA


Boston, MA


Santa Monica, CA


Reston, VA


Renton, WA


Berkeley, CA


As the market density of location changes, there is a high rise in the purchasing power parity of a particular market location that determines the salary graph of SQL DBA in different US cities.

And ahead of the location-based salary, there are many other factors such as 

  • Experience

  • Skills

Here is a list of experience-based SQL database administrator salary

Once you step inside the SQL server,

An entry-level dba earns up to $76,000

Furthermore, with 3-4 yrs of experience, you have a chance to receive your annual SQL dba salary of $158,000

In SQL DBA career path, experience leads to the highly responsible job position that has higher salaries and intense job responsibilities.

As SQL server, dba salary graph here is a list of experience-driven salary approach

L2 Database Administrator is an Assistant Database Administrator that earns an annual salary of $82,194.

A Senior Database Administrator has working experience of  4 years receiving an annual salary of up to $115,455

Also, with 7 years, you have an opportunity to become a Lead database Administrator which is a highly responsible role. You can get the highest-paid salary of $145,031.

There are many career transitions in the SQL database administrator role.

Once you enter into SQL server as a dba, you can escalate your career into

  • Senior DBA

  • Oracle DBA

  • Software Engineer

Stepping on the career opportunity of a Senior DBA, you can open many career gates for 

  1. Database Administrator

  2. Database Administrator manager

  3. Oracle Database Administrator

And, the best opportunity to grab the best SQL server dba salaries  is to get trained with skills 

There are multiple skills and industry orientations you will need in the SQL dba job role.

Here is a list of skills you must focus on:

  • Data modeling and database design

  • Metadata management

  • Database schema creation

  • Backup and recovery

  • Ensuring data integrity

  • Tuning and performance management

  • SQL code reviews

  • Data security

  • Capacity planning

What is your strategy to prepare for SQL skills and fundamental knowledge?

Out of many, a recommended career strategy is to get a digital training partner.

AN online training platform will help you with your certification exam course syllabus, key skill sets, and the following expectation of the current employment market.

It is recommended that you get certified and sharpen your SQL server dba skills.

The best shot to certification and training is JanBask Training.

It is an industry pioneer that has helped more than 6000+ students with IT online training turning certification and training into success stories.

Your learning path needs to inculcate JanBask Training and ease out the redundancy of errors and time slagging during your mockup exams and practice sets.

JanBask Training has built up a robust online infrastructure that simplifies the learning system even from your remote location.

A few of the exciting features of JanBask Training are:

  • Instructor-led live online classes facilitate you with industry experts with live online lecture orienting on the SQL fundamental and how to deal with specific skills under specific industries

  • A personalized student dashboard has served as an easy solution to organize study material, daily development, assignment, and track record of the 8-week training module

  • Also, the best productive asset at JanBask is the industry expert guidance on career paths and skill sets that turn a candidate into a high-value asset for companies.

  • The real-time case studies have been one of the significant elements that help you build your troubleshooting mechanism and also elevate your sql fundamental to a research-based update.

  • Get your best part of the sql online training with the live projects. This helps to understand the various roles and responsibilities of a dba individual and as a team member.

Furthermore, there are few baseline skills you must achieve expertise in so as to have better coordination and work symbiotically with the end-user clients and the IT team of your own in-house projects.

There is always a cascade of events into Business Intelligence and database works. To get your efficient performance and time management in place, learn your various Softline skills with 

  • Resume feedback

  • Interview preparation

  • Troubleshoot management

  • Team coordination 

  • Career Counseling.


SQL Server DBA has one of the high demanding trends and high-paid job roles. It has many exciting features with major roles and responsibilities.

The article has discussed the salary of a sql dba along with high perks in the future scope.

Once you start with your sql career, there are many challenges and industry projects that will need industry experts to get through sql server fundamentals and find a way out.

A recommended strategy is to get trained from an online training platform and JanBask Training is just the best fit.

For any sql queries or career counseling, connect with JanBask Training

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