What all Steps are Involved to Hire the Best Web Developers

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Jul 27, 2021

It’s totally true! Earlier you wanted to be a web developer or hire a web developer if you want a website, but today things are not the same. The most popular content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal have let people make their own website all by themselves. Moreover, website builders such as Wix also help in building sites by simply dragging and dropping.

Still there are two very good reasons as to why to hire a web developer:

  1. Time saving.

  2. You may require help with some of the added technical bits.

Above mentioned both the reasons are important to understand as how to find, hire and work with a web developer for the smooth functioning of the project. We will go over all the essential steps on how to hire a web developer in detail. .

How to hire a web developer in 6 easy steps

STEP 1- Identify your business challenges

Each and every business development varies, so before you start you should plan according to the size and goals. It is difficult to provide a clear picture as to which web developer suits the best for the project. At the initial stage, you must give a thought as to what kind of web development project you need a developer for.

Here, are some of the reasons as to why companies need a web developer:

  • You want to create a website all the way from the beginning, which is one of the most common scenarios for existing businesses and start-ups because a web developer will help in saving the time as well as money.

  • Extending an in-house team also makes a new web developer because a professional can only help you with an ongoing site. In this case, you can also hire a freelance web developer.

  • One of the other reasons is that you want to use technology that nobody knows in your company. So, in that case a web developer can be outsourced who has knowledge of that technology. 

STEP 2: Decide on the developers skills 

Basically, there are three types of web developers:

  • Front-end- Front-end developers make changes to the front of your site, i.e., the part of the website visitors interact with. These developers are hired to change the design and layout of websites to some extent.

  • Back-end- Back-end developers are responsible for website structure, hidden behind the front-end, i.e., the working of your website. You might need a developer who can help you to improve your websites speed, integrate third-party services into the site infrastructure, or solve technical issues.

  • Full-stack developers- Full-stack developers are experienced in developing both the front and back-end of websites. Such specialists are becoming popular among start-ups that have limited resources with a fact that they are mostly hourly paid. 

STEP 3: Finding necessary specialists

When you are looking out for a web programmer for hire, think about hiring a technological partner who will become a part of your business for several years, providing your project with ongoing technical support and implementing further website improvements. Thus, you need to hire web developers very carefully. 

 STEP 4: Check out the web development teams expertise 

How to choose a web developer? When you are in search of a web developer, you must assess the experience of the team that would like to choose and also find out how they can fulfill your needs for your respected website? So, always check out their portfolio before handing over your website and ask for sample projects, if needed. If the company or the individual web developer’s expertise and fulfills your business needs, then start with your project. 

What all qualities are required to have in a web developer? Before you finalize our web developer, you must check the soft skills of your web developers for the successful working of the website project. Some of the soft skills include:

  • Effective communication and sharing of expectations will result in having better understanding and clear project needs.

  • Teamwork is the key; web developers have to work around many other professionals as well, which ask for efficient teamwork.

  • Approachability and Helpfulness are essential, because, if a developer cannot approach other team members and ask them about something, a small problem may turn into a big one.


STEP5- Select a working model 

On the basis of the complexities and scope of the web development project, you might pick the following models:

  • Project-based Model- This model is the most popular one when considered in terms of well-established businesses that are aiming to have small web development projects. This model normally comprises a predefined scope of work and established timeframes.

  • Dedicated Team Business Model- A dedicated business model works wonders if you are looking out to implement complex functions of your websites e.g. cloud storage integration, or AI Chabot development; with an added advantage that it saves time and cost that is incurred on hiring in-house specialists. 

Step 6: Choose a payment model 

When you have decided on your web developer and your working team, the next step is where you have to pay the salary as well. The same thing is followed by the dedicated team working models. Though, for a project based working model, you choose to pick between the following:

  • Fixed price paying model- This model is admired mostly by small web projects where they need to have a clear picture of work and time frame.

  • Time and Material, known as Pay as You Go- By the term Pay as You Go, it means where the payment is done on the basis of hours for each working web developer; which means the payment is given on the basis of payments. 


For any successful company, the people working there are the assets. Hiring the right candidate or choosing the right company to collaborate on is a tedious process, so take your time out if you expect quality work.  You can find many web developers who can build websites, but you need to factor in a lot of key points to ensure you are hiring the best and the right one. A professional web developer will do the job faster than your DIY attempts. Outsourcing a professional will surely help in concentrating on other most important things.