What are some good social media practices

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Aug 17, 2021

·         Social Media and Facebook marketing Simplified.

Most people rush toward paid ads when thinking about social media and Facebook marketing. But, there is no need for that. You can drive loads of free visitors from social media and make money online. And it mostly depends on presentation and consistency. The content you share, who you share it with and at what time?

1.       Decide on a Target Audience

2.       Find the Right Solution to Offer

3.       Create Bridge and/or Landing Pages

4.       Use Headers in Facebook Group Posts

5.       Be Creative with Emojis

6.       Set up Auto Posting for Consistency

7.       Engage with the Audience

·         Let us Take a Closer Look at these 7 Guidelines.

1.       Deciding on a target audience comes down to the kind of people that will be looking for what you are offering. Therefore, you must research social profiles and note the rules. Join social communities (pages and groups) relevant to your niche.

2.       Visit the social communities you wish to join and/or like and pay attention to what people are talking about. See what posts in the group or on the page get the most attention. Then focus your solution (affiliate product) on that.

3.       Create Google Sites or even Wix One-Page Websites if you do not have your own blog yet. But it is important to have a landing page other than your affiliate link to share. Because you never share affiliate links anywhere.

4.       Once you have joined the right Facebook groups. You will find the option to add headers to manual group posts. Adding H1 and H2 headers make your content easier understood by both audiences and search engines.

5.       Use emojis to make your social networking post stand out. Perhaps use a few related emojis to replace words in the text. Keep your visitor entertained from the moment they give your post a second look.

Choose wisely and find the right auto-posting tool to use. Because you cannot possibly keep up with creating content for multiple social networking profiles. Not all auto-posting tools are created equal, read the reviews before you decide.

6.       Before you can receive, you first have to give. Therefore, you want to engage audiences by liking, sharing and commenting on their posts first. But even with this, consistency is crucial. Just keep on engaging.

These are just 6 basic guidelines, but there is a lot more about social media and Facebook marketing. And considering the competition, your content will have to be pretty awesome to get recognised. And you will need to learn how to leverage presentation skills.


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