What are the Differences between SAP FICO and Simple finance

Article about What are the Differences between SAP FICO and Simple finance

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Nov 18, 2021

The basic difference between SAP fico and SAP HANA finance is SAP fico depends upon ECC. In contrast, SAP HANA finance (simple finance) works on internal memory HANA database, which works on cloud technology. There is an SAP FICO online course also that provides students information about financial accounting and controlling. It helps the students master the art of using SAP FICO software on the S4 HANA. Many institutes in Delhi provide SAP FICO Online Training inclusive of knowledge about SAP FICO. They provide live projects and simulations. 

The main differences between SAP fico and Simple finance

  • SAP FICO stands for SAP fi for finance and SAP co for controlling. Sap co is a tool that helps control and manage the decision-making processes, and fi is used to create reliable and accurate, time-based external reports in the form of income statements and balance sheets. In contrast, SAP is very important for managing SAP finance and important for practicing SAP fi.

  • SAP controlling represents profit center, control, accounting activities, cost of products, profitability, etc. In SAP fi, all the accounts transactions are created in logistics and recorded in real-time in the financial accounting modules using automatic account determination techniques. In contrast, SAP sample finance helps to analyze the financial position of the firm in the market.

  • SAP simple finance was replaced in 2015. SAP S/4 HANA has become more advanced than SAP FICO.

  • SAP FICO comes under the functional module to handle financial and costing aspects of the firm, whereas S/4 HANA comes under the technical module.

  • New features of SAP simple finance creates a great difference between SAP fico and simple finance that are:

Sap Fiori

In Fiori apps, you can see many informative and interactive items and account balances.


We have extension ledgers. In a Parallel ledger, posting is physically made to the leading ledger and parallel ledger. However, an extension ledger can’t be used in assets accounting.

SAP FICO is an online as well as an offline course. It is a 60-day of online training to prepare for your entry and advanced level of jobs. The fee is approx. 60,000.

There are many big institutes in Delhi. These institutes provide interactive classes’ hands-on experience in the SAP FICO module and provide theoretical knowledge and real practice knowledge of financial accounting to meet the financial industry's needs. They help and encourage fresh graduates and professional workshops that make the students start working on SAP FICO functional activities. 


SAP simple finance is more demanding than the SAP FICO. SAP FICO also has job opportunities but not more than SAP simple financing. The SAP FICO has more new features that differentiate it from SAP FICO. SAP simple finance makes a more interesting and learning path for the student. SAP simple fiancé is based on the latest technology. Simple finance popularity has led widespread across the globe. It is much more demanding, so the students should take advantage of the opportunity. The Simple finance module is very high and professional. So, if you want to do SAP FICO Training in Delhi, then you may go with ShapeMySkills Pvt Ltd Institute, which provides online as well as offline course training.

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