What are the benefits of same day delivery in business

Article about What are the benefits of same day delivery in business

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Jun 15, 2021

Delivery service is an act of providing services to the customer.  In business, the process involves transporting of goods from one location to another defined location. The service providers pick the product from the sender and hand it over to the customer at the destination. Sometimes it takes 2 – 3 days or sometimes the product is delivered on the same day.

Same day delivery

Same-day delivery means the product should be delivered in 24 hours. This is a service that is most wanted nowadays. Thats why each business tries to achieve this goal however it is not implemented sometimes as it is not possible in some situations. For example, if a customer orders a product in the afternoon then it must be delivered the next morning, although it will be in the next 24 hours it will not be considered on the same day.

Limitations of same day delivery

Also, same-day delivery has some limitations:

Must be in urban areas: small towns or rural areas dont allow or provide same-day delivery. Not possible on holidays: Customers should order products only on working days if they need same-day delivery. Distance really matters: same-day delivery is possible only over a reasonable distance.

Benefits of same day delivery

A good business is one that delivers its product on time as no one wants to wait much for their desired products. A recent survey shows that almost 80% of customers require same-day delivery and others demand even faster, like in 2-3 hours. In such situations, same day delivery is necessary to satisfy your customers. Therefore, businesses are trying to make this happen. A survey held in 2019 shows that 6 out of 10 business companies have planned shipment of products on the same day.

Some main benefits of same day delivery are:

Client satisfaction

Clients always demand minimum wait for the ordered product so, same-day delivery will satisfy the client and productivity of the business will increase

Point of trust

Delayed shipments can make the clients angry and mistrust the site but if you offer same-day delivery then the client can have trust in you as you are caring about them.

Low shipment cost

Local shipping companies provide the facility of same-day delivery that also costs much less than other large logistics companies.

Less chance of canceling orders

Same day delivery will make less chance of cancellation of the order. Sometimes the client changes his mind about the product But, with same day delivery he must have to buy that product.

Competitive advantage

The client will order from the business site that will provide quick access to a product rather than the site that needs 2-3 days in delivery

Increased credibility

A happy and satisfied customer will recommend you to others too. Also, they will give more positive reviews. It will affect your credibility and productivity.

Increase in Efficiency

Satisfied customers always lead toward an efficient business reputation. The speedy shipment results in higher profits.

Less chance of damaging product

Sometimes in delayed shipments, the product is damaged, which is a great loss for revenue. So, same-day delivery makes this chanceless. Also, the company can hire their own riders that will ensure the security of the product.

Gain more

The companies can set some limits on same-day delivery. For example, a company can set that the customer must spend $20 if they need speedy shipment. This will increase your sales as well.


By seeing all aspects, it is clear that same-day deliveries play a vital role in the growth of the business. With same-day delivery, its possible to satisfy the clients. Also, there are various other plus points that a business gains by providing delivery on the same day.

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