What are the different types of track and field uniforms

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Sep 20, 2021

Track and field sports are athletic contests based on jumping, running, , throwing, etc. These games are called track and field sports due to the grounds on which they occur. Track and field uniforms are designed according to the places and nature of the games. Athletes taking part in speed-based events require fitted, aerodynamic outfits. On the other hand, participants of non-speed events need less stringent uniforms, but in general, track field uniforms should be breathable, lightweight, and comfortable. Along these lines, sportswear manufacturers make many types of track and field uniforms to meet the specific need of different age groups, seasons, and genders. You can buy custom track uniforms according to the event in which your team participates. The article lists down some of the famous types of track and field uniforms:


Track uniforms

Track events are mostly held outdoors and in hot weather. Therefore, the design is breathable and lightweight to keep athletes comfortable throughout the event. The fabric of these uniforms wick away the body sweat and prevent athletes from overheating. In general, track uniforms consist of sleeveless jerseys and lightweight shorts. These basic uniforms provide versatility for the athletes who perform in multiple events.


Sprinters’ uniforms

Sprinters other athletes taking part in speed events opt for more advanced uniforms that are different from basic track outfits. Singlets are a popular choice among track runners and sprinters. They are a tight-fitting one-piece uniform designed to decrease the wind resistance during the sprint. Most female runners choose to wear short and skin-fit track bottoms to avoid any inhibition in the leg movement. When it comes to women’s tops, there are many types available in the market, from fitted sleeveless tanks to midriff crop tops. Teams or players can decide for their speed event according to their comfort and performance requirements.


Footwear for the tracks and fields

Shoes play an essential role in the performance of track and field athletes. Therefore, they hold a vital place in uniforms, to the extent that it is impossible to discuss the topic without shedding some light on the types of shoes required for track and field games. Shoes with various lengths and types of spikes are available to sprinters and runners. Players choose them according to the surface on which the sport is taking place. Most sprinters prefer their shoes to be thin and lightweight because a lot of stability and cushioning are not required to run short distances. However, lightweight footwear aids runners in increasing speed. Athletes who do not need speed, such as those who compete in long jumps and the pole vault, prefer heavy shoes with tailored spikes. The heavyweight and spiked shoes provide a stable hold on the ground. Javeline throwers require shoes that can offer more ankle support to avoid injury when they suddenly stop motion after launching their javelins.


Custom track uniforms

Whether you have a team of track and field athletes at the school level or club level, their uniforms must include some form of customization, for instance, color, player number, team logo, or school mascot. Uniforms that professional athletes wear are adorned with sponsors’ brand logos and names. Vendors provide various types of customization services, including printing, embroidery, and sublimation. Sublimated track uniforms are most popular among athletes these days because they completely transform your blank uniforms into the design of your imagination. Teams with limited budgets go for printing and embroidery to brand their uniforms with team logos and school mascots. You can acquire your custom uniforms according to your budget and the design you desire.  



They vary in price, style, and type. On school levels, teams may have a limited budget, and thus they look for a basic uniform consist of a jersey and shorts. On the other hand, club or professional level teams choose more high-tech, aerodynamic, and stylish outfits for their track and field competitions. These uniforms are not just a formality. They are essential and have a history. You might think it off-the-topic to discuss the origination of the Olympics where track and field sports emerged and evolved. However, the interesting facts are noteworthy if you want to increase awareness about the field events and their uniforms. When it comes to competitive running events, i-e track, and event sports, the Ancient Olympics in Olympia, Greece (776 b.c.e.) best documents the history of these competitions. These Olympics games since then have been associated with superior athleticism and a plethora of sporting events. From the time when the Olympics were only a day celebration to tribute Zeus and other Gods, to the current times when the name has become a globally famous most awaited sports event, track and field competitions have always remained significant in the Olympics. With time, the uniforms and equipment of athletes participating in these competitions have evolved too. The above forms and shapes of uniforms are still changing according to the nature of sport and players.  


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