What are the revenue models of Remitano clone script

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Aug 10, 2021

Nowadays,  people are investing  and trading their funds in cryptocurrency exchange platforms to make more revenue from it. Making a crypto exchange like 

Remitano will give us numerous Business revenues.

Well, Now let us get into know about what are the revenue model of one of the best crypto exchange Remitano clone script:

What is remitano exchange?

Remitano is one of the most promising peer to peer crypto exchange platforms where anyone  can buy and sell cryptocurrencies in an easy way and it is a decentralized exchange platform so there are no third party issues. Remitano has escrow service for tight security and trade in Remitano is fastest, especially in Bitcoin trading.

What is a Remitano clone script?

Remitano clone script is a p2p decentralized exchanging platform like remitano and it helps to trade cryptos without any third party interruption.

Remitano clone script has multiple revenue models that are


You can get a fixed amount of commision for every transaction when a buyer makes it on your exchange  platform.

Expenses for freemiums -

 If you offer particular types of assistance for free, you can charge for elective administrations like advertisement posting or the high level alternative of those free administrations. 

Distributing expenses

If you are drafting any new cryptocurrencies into your foundation, you can 

charge fees from them for distributing their coin in your exchanging pair. 

Crypto web mining

Remitano clone script gives you a superb chance to mine crypto by utilizing advanced automated mining instruments. 

Promotions - If you promote others brands on your foundation, you can procure income from them. Leave up some space in your site for Promotion flags or advertisements. 

Google Adsense - Link your site with Google Adsense that will assist you with creating income when your dealer taps on the item advertisement identified with crypto exchanging. 

Do you have any ideas to build your decentralized crypto exchange like Remitano?

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