What do you know about PantherSwap Clone Script before launching a Defi exchange like PantherSwap

Article about What do you know about PantherSwap Clone Script before launching a Defi exchange like PantherSwap

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Jul 27, 2021

PantherSwap Clone Script:

Pantherswap clone script is a Defi-based decentralized exchange script running on Binance Smart Chain and similar to PantherSwap. PantherSwap Clone offers a lot of features and provides staking and swapping of crypto tokens. If you want to launch your own Defi exchange clone like PantherSwap, then you can get the PantherSwap clone script with 100% white-label ready-made and customizable clone as per your business requirement. 

CoinjokersPantherSwap clone script is DEX based on the Binance Smart Chain(BSC) network. They offer all the advanced features like Anti Whale, Unique Rewards and other functions of a PantherSwap.


PantherSwap is a Binance Smart Chain-based Automated Market Maker(AMM) decentralized exchange and yield farm. Staking, token swapping, liquidity provision, yield farming, and initial token offerings are all available through the platform, which employs its own PANTHER token.

How to build a Defi Exchange platform like PantherSwap?

Developing the Defi Exchange platform required some steps. We can follow two ways that are developing it from the scratch or using a PantherSwap clone script with customization as per your requirement.

Features of PantherSwap Clone:

  • Automatic Liquidity

  • Automated Burning

  • Anti Whale

  • Harvest Lockup

  • Timelock

  • Referral Program

  • Deposit Fee Redistribution

  • No Migrator Code

  • Timelock

  • Trading Incentive

How Does Pantherswap Clone Script Works?

PantherSwap Clone Script provides essential basic functionalities over Binance Smart Chain(BSC), the functionality includes Farming, Liquidity, Staking, Lottery, and Exchange

Farming - Farming in the PantherSwap allows the tokens with the help of yield rewards and token pairs to the Pantherswap seekers with a specific percentage yield.

Liquidity - This Platform accepts the funds from members and provides them to the Platform as ready Liquidity Providers.

Staking - These staking pools allow PantherSwap clone participants to obtain Panther by staking other Tokens of their choice.

Exchange - This feature allows the swapping of tokens between currencies. It allows the Platform to do more than only generate money since it also serves as an exchange for those seeking currency conversions across many interfaces. 

Lottery - Pantherswap clone provides the lottery option. In this scheme, participants can buy lottery tickets via Panther token.

Where to get PantherSwap Clone Script?

Coinjoker is a team of blockchain experts who are striving to build a strong Defi Clone Platform Development. They provide incredibly valuable stability and security support to the Defi clone development platform, to keep excellent performance. The major thing is, at Coinjoker, they transparently work with our clients. 

As a result, you will be kept informed about the progress of each phase in the Pantherswap Clone software development. They will conduct meetings with you to better understand your business needs and strive to create a user interface that enhances user engagement. Coinjoker gives complete customization services to meet your needs and make it look like a classy & user-friendly platform.

Why Choose Coinjoker for Patherswap Clone Development?

Coinjoker is a leading decentralized finance development company with 150+ blockchain experts. Their highly scalable Pantherswap clone script helps you to start your own Defi exchange platform like Pantherswap at an affordable. The other things include

  • A lot of Defi Professionals

  • More than 8+ years experience in blockchain technology

  • High Intent UI

  • On-Time Delivery

  • White label Defi Clone Solutions

  • Crystal Clear Development life cycle

  • Update each phase of development

  • Reasonable price in markets

  • 24/7 technical support

Share your project requirement with Coinjokers developers to develop your PantherSwap Clone as you desire.

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