What is Enterprise Website Development; A Mini Guide

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Anna Abram activities: SEO Expert

Nov 24, 2021

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Business or Enterprise websites are used to manage the company's presence on social networks, blogs, and more. The website is made to publicize the company on the web. It can be used to make yourself known on the web and even as a way to sell products or services. It can expand nationally and globally through communication with suppliers, customers, and much more. Today, many tools allow all companies to have their own enterprise website design at the budget they have for it, although the more professional the website, the better the company's image. A business website must have:

  • Company details, history, location, and much more.
  • Company products and services
  • Fees, if necessary
  • Contact form with the company
  • Business organization
  • Financial information, in specific companies
  • Research tool
  • Valuable information
  • Research tool
  • The corporate image of the company


Enterprise websites are not only a requirement, and they should not be used only to sell. Website is your company within everyone's reach. It is the opportunity to say everything that in a business meeting is very difficult to cover. The website allows you to educate your clients about your business and understand what you do and how you do it.

It is an excellent tool, necessary for every businessman or even entrepreneur. Even when you do not have an office or a point of contact, with a web page, you can attend and sell to your potential clients, it makes itself known, it allows you to save rental expenses and everything related to an office, it supports you during the growth of your company, as we said before, it is your office, company or online business.

When your company or institution decides to have a professional presence on the internet and is looking for a provider to design and program its website or portal, it must comply with an efficient creation process that guarantees the desired results from the beginning.

The creation process of a website or portal requires certain stages that should not be ignored since they are the ones that will guarantee the success of the Internet business solution. 

What are the differences between Enterprise Website, Website, and Web Application?

Enterprise Website

In a nutshell and in the simplest way, it is a page written with HTML and can include CSS, JavaScript, images, videos. If we see it from a website, a page is each of the screens of that website.


It is a set of web pages structured in a domain. For example, Netflix.com, Google.com, Facebook.com. It is usual for people to refer to a website every day when it is really a website (even I was confused?).

Web Application

Believe it or not, a web application is also a website because every set of pages within a domain is just that, a website. Simply put, a web application is a software built with web technologies.

So to summarize, an enterprise website design page is an HTML document that can have CSS, JS, images and corresponds to every screen on a website. For its part, a website is a set of web pages structured within a domain. It can be created with or without code and is related to the marketing strategy of the company. Finally, a web application is software developed with web technologies. It is created with code (languages, libraries, and frameworks) and corresponds to the company's core.

Benefits of an Enterprise Website

  1. Direct communication with customers

Having direct contact with customers and responding to their doubts and concerns through this channel is essential to generate trust and confidence in the brand. This represents the seriousness and commitment that the company feels for its users and for meeting their expectations.

Effective communication through, for example, a chat window or a contact form (which response quickly) avoids uncomfortable situations for both parties, increases the customer's consideration for the company, and enables customer loyalty.

  1. Competitive advantage

Owning a website is an advantage that you have over direct competitors who do not have one. But, a functional website is a great advantage over those who have a flat website.

A website that offers differential characteristics over competitors, both in design and the products and services provided, is a plus for acquiring new customers.

  1. Omnipresence

A website can be visited by anyone in the world. If the service or product offered by the company is innovative, beneficial, or necessary, there are great possibilities of achieving national or international business.

Good website optimization with technical aspects such as changing the language in other countries or the correct use of linguistic expressions (to avoid confusion) is necessary to consider a globalized website.

  1. Digital positioning

Digitally positioning a brand is not an easy task. But once done, the recognition will be worth the effort that this task has. There are two ways to establish a business online, through SEM or SEO strategies.

Both types of positioning have their advantages and difficulties.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) requires an acceptable budget to advertise in search engines. Although the results are faster, the financial effort can be considerable.

On the other hand, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) allows organic search engine positioning. Although a budget is required to keep a website optimized. It is not as significant as in SEM. The results may take time, but in the long term, they are more beneficial and constant.

An ideal positioning campaign would use both strategies.

  1. Acquisition of products and services

It is not enough to have a catalog of services and/or products published on the internet without offering the possibility of acquiring them through a button on the website.

You have to put yourself in the users' shoes and think about what stages you go through in decision-making to acquire the company's products. The website must be adapted so that the client feels comfortable and independent, without forcing him into a constructive decision.

  1. Brand image

Also, to offer the services, having quality content (images, text, videos) on the enterprise web development is essential; for customers seeking an answer and having a good representation in search engines. It should be noted that the content must be related to the niche and generate interest in the desired target.

  1. Simple upgrade

One of the advantages of a digital asset such as a business website is that it is easily updatable. It means the contents, the catalogs, the essential information can be changed in a short period.

  1. Corporate value

Having a specialized section highlighting how the company operates, the training it provides, and the benefits it offers builds sympathy for the brand in the outside world.

The best way to show the company's values ​​is through multimedia content in which the protagonists are the company's workers and show their interaction with customers in some way.

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