What is the Best Online Payment Gateway for eCommerce Business

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Oct 5, 2021

The shit of business from the brick-and-mortar shops to eCommerce is a huge change. Thus, it is a massive step forward for your business to step into the eCommerce Busines with an Online Payment Gateway for eCommerce.

If What is Online Payment Gateway is in your mind, we will solve the query and provide you with some of the best solutions for your eCommerce Business. To choose the best online payment gateway for eCommerce Business, you need to remember that your business is a part of a high-risk sector.

What is Online Payment Gateway for eCommerce Business?

An Online Payment Gateway for eCommerce Business is a payment gateway solution that the eCommerce Merchants can optimally use. In other words, a Payment Gateway that has all the features and benefits for your eCommerce Business.

Therefore, payment service providers offer a payment processing channel that is exclusively personalized according to the needs. ECommerce has chosen a different course of action. The Best Online Payment Gateway is the one that has all the features that you require every day.

The features that you need

There may be some standard features that you get for a payment gateway from different service providers. However, with Amald, you get exclusive features and benefits personalized according to your needs.

1.    Global Card Saving

eCommerce has a fast-paced environment. Therefore, it becomes a necessity to provide an easy payment experience to the consumers. Global Card Saving option allows a consumer to save their transaction details for future payments.

It will allow them to pay in the future without entering their payment details on a credit card or an eWallet. It provides the consumers with a swift and hassle-free experience for the payment.

2.    Easy Checkout

Re-Directions has been a cursed part of the payment experience for a long time. However, getting the correct payment processing services will nullify the multiple windows.

Amald has a re-directionless payment gateway. It provides a single window for the completion of the payment processing. It increases the consumer experience as well as the ease of payment.

3.    Security

High-Risk businesses require High Security as well. PCI Compliance with 3D Secure Payment Gateway will do the job that your business needs. PCI DSS Compliant Level 1 will ensure the payment channel is secured.

On the other hand, the 3DS will wrap a third layer of protection with an OTP. OTPs are the most secure payment processing, and consumers will take it over any other security.

4.    Fraud Prevention System

The fraudulent activities need a strict stop. Thus, Fraud Prevention Tools by Amald provides the best solution. AVS, CVV Checker, Device ID, Fraud Scoring are some of the advanced tools that are dedicatedly used against fraudsters.

This fraud prevention system will be a huge support to your business. As eCommerce businesses are prone to frauds, these will keep a check on the consumers and strengthen your business dealings worldwide.

5.    Chargeback Protection

Chargeback Protection by Amald is one of the best features that can lower your chargeback ratio significantly. The cutting-edge tech used to prevention the chargebacks are one side.

On the other side, you get complete chargeback protection. That means Amald will cover the cost of the chargeback before it turns into a complete chargeback case. This will replenish the chargeback ratio.

What are the benefits of the best online payment gateway?

Getting an Online Payment Gateway that has all the futuristic capabilities will offer some top-notch benefits for your business.

1.    Easy Integration

Integration through API, SDK and HPP will allow your business to get easy integration for various types of payment gateway. A hosted payment gateway needs an HPP; a Non-Hosted will get you API Integration and Mobile Application through SDK.

Moreover, you get the support of Plugins for all the major Shopping Cart Integration. It enhances the payment experience of the consumers and increases the ease of payment processing on your website.

2.    Complete Merchant Assistance

While a standard service provider will give you technical support after the sales, Amald will give professional support before the sales. In other words, talk to our experts to get what you need.

If you require white-labelling of the payment gateway, you get customization opportunities. It brings a personalized look to the gateway that the consumers can witness.

3.    24 x 7 Support

We understand that a barrier in payment processing can occur at any time. All you need is a supporting firm like Amald to provide prompt services. You will be able to get the resolution of the problem as soon as possible.

Constant support to the payment processing will allow you to tackle any challenge that arises for the consumers. Moreover, as a merchant, you can rest easy as a payment gateway service is all our headache.


To sum up, a high risk payment gateway can be a huge step forward for your eCommerce business. Amald’s Online Payment Gateway has all the features that your business requires. As you are slowly taking a step towards the online world, we will be here to resolve all the issues surrounding it.

These are just the gist of all the cutting-edge solutions that our payment gateway is equipped with. Hence, you can get in touch with our expert team to get all the details. You can throw in the requirements for your business, and we will grasp every part of it.

You can rest easy with the payment processing needs as we have a long track record of offering the best services in the High-Risk industry.

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