What type of web hosting services are best for your client

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Aug 12, 2021

Web hosting services provide dedicated hosting of multiple services for their customers. It is usually used for hosting websites, host company emails, files, games, and other content.


Web hosting services enable companies to mandate one or more web-based core functions to a hosting provider. This allows the company to focus assets on supporting its customers and growing its business.

You need to know what web hosting services and this article will give you the best of it!

Some exciting web hosting facts, you need to know!

=> Free hosting plans can affect you in the long run

=> A VPS Server help you manage high intense traffic websites

=> Web hosts have a 24x7 query resolution customer support

=> The data center location will surely affect your speed

=> Paid web hosts are better for their backup services

=> Web hosts are not hack proof but website security solutions can intensify you

=> There are many hosting services that can ease your work on website building and security solutions

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Web Hosting Services

There are four different types of web hosting services 

Web hosting companies range from a service provider offering extensive web management and support to service providers who hire a single private virtual server.

Hosting services include:

=> Managed Hosting, where the service provider owns and operates servers leased to a customer. The provider is responsible for server management, backup services, software maintenance, security, technical support, and so on. Rackspace is one of such managed hosting providers.

=> Cloud hosting is another type in which the service provider offers a private, public or hybrid cloud, where the customer pays for system time and storage. Cloud capacity can be managed up or down depending on a customer’s requirements. Leading cloud hosting providers include Microsoft and Amazon Web services.

=> Colocation Facility hosts a company’s servers and provides an internet connection, a power supply, and a climate-controlled environment. Most of the colocation facilities are provided and owned by local providers.

=> A private virtual server, here a services provider hosts a customer’s website on its own PVS, which physically isolates it from the websites of other customers. All the above web hosting providers offer private virtual servers.

Why Web Hosting?

Here is a question that occurs, why should one use Web Hosting Services?

The answer is simple, with dedicated servers, storage and networking hosting provider is capable of customizing the cloud solution to the clients dedicated business requirements, which allows optimization of app and website performance.

Client’s unique hosting environment can be measured to the cloud of their choice, such as AWS or Microsoft Azure, ensuring the distinct advantages of both platforms.

By achieving higher levels of industry-specific compliance and security with the unwavering environment which satisfies the requirements of PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and FISMA. Private clouds like those from Microsoft, Rackspace, and VMware, also offer the extensive security required for compliance.

The dedicated servers, storage, network capacity, and other solution components provide greater control.


If you are searching for a robust infrastructure that assists in your website building, flexible web hosting services is what you need!

The article has discussed types of web hosting services along with security solutions that keep you safe while your user is engaged.

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