Where to find WPS Pin on Canon printer

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Sep 8, 2021

A few tech organizations are utilizing Canon printers to guarantee bother free printing nonstop. As we as a whole realize that Canon is one such brand that has created various devices, machines, and frill that fill a ton of needs and fill our heart with joy to-day lives simpler. Ordinance printers come in various kinds serving a wide scope of printing needs of the client. Along these lines, on the off chance that you likewise have a Canon printer in your home or office and you wish to interface it remotely, then, at that point you should discover WPS PIN on Canon printer. 

In the event that you dont have a clue what a WPS Pin is and how you can utilize it to associate your printer to a remote organization, then, at that point this aide is certainly going to help you in your interest. 

What is the WPS PIN? 

Indeed, WPS or wi-fi secured setup is an innovation that helps printer and the gadget interface or speak with one another. At whatever point you attempt to set up an association between these two gadgets you are incited to enter the WPS PIN. When you enter this PIN, the availability happens and you can proceed with the printing task. Nonetheless, a few group think that it is hard to track down WPS PIN on Canon printer. 

Thus, beneath we will reveal to you how you can discover this PIN on your gadget. 

Speedy strides to discover WPS PIN on ordinance printer 

The WPS PIN for any printer shows up on the printer screen at whatever point you start the setup interaction through ij.start.canon . Thus, here is a stepwise aide that would take care of you in discovering it: 

In any case, press the "Setup" button on your printer 

Presently, go to the "Setup menu" and select the "Wi-Fi Setup" choice 

To choose it, you may have to press the "Alright" choice 

Presently, utilizing the right bolt key, select the "Other setup" choice 

Once more, to pick this alternative, you need to pick the "Alright" choice 

Following up, press the right bolt again and pick the "WPS PIN Code alternative squeezing the "Alright" choice 

Presently, trust that the interaction will finish 

Your screen will presently show the WPS PIN on your screen 

Try to take note of this code down as you will require it later on 

Presently, you need to enter this code into your switchs setup 

You should press the "Alright" alternative once the association has been set up. 

This is the manner by which you discover WPS PIN on standard printer. On the off chance that you confronted difficulties while discovering the printers WPS PIN, you can rehash a similar interaction once to set up the association. 


Subsequent to going through the article given here, it should be obvious to you that how you can discover the WPS PIN on your printer. The interaction through and through was very simple and expected you to follow a couple of basic advances. You should simply finish the setup during which would help you in discovering the WPS PIN.

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