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Nov 24, 2021


In recent years we have witnessed a real boom in electric scooters, Hoverboards UK, many models (often similar), and plummeting prices, a credible solution for micro-mobility that I have not sincerely supported right away. My skepticism is twofold: some of the models in circulation have, in my opinion, too many critical issues, so I do not consider them so attractive, and then there is the safety chapter for which I consider the whole category to be more at risk than bicycles.

We will tackle this last theme in more detail with an in-depth analysis that will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the two categories, today we focus on the Max G30 which has many advantages on its side. The first concerns the frame, more robust than the average of consumer scooters and with a wide platform, also comfortable for an adult. The 10-inch (25.4cm) large wheels with tubeless tires also make the difference, leaving the inner tube and - hopefully - all the annoying punctures that we had to face with the Xiaomi M365. There is still no dedicated damping system, unfortunately, these wheels are however able to absorb small holes and jolts better than many others, but no one expects miracles.

If you look at this scooter you have to immediately take into account one thing, namely its weight: 19.1 kg and 6.6 kg more than its younger brother ES2 (which weighs 12.5 kg). This means that it is more difficult to carry and transport once closed; let's say that for an adult man it is not a drama but for a teenager and a woman it represents a nice limit if you have to get it off the ground. But this thing also has advantages that, in my opinion, Hoverboards, are more decisive: the first concerns its stability while driving, the center of gravity is lower than other models with 5-6 kg less weight, the second sees the integrated power supply under the platform.

Therefore, we should not carry a bulky charger with us, just a common three-pole cable that can also be borrowed from PCs, appliances, and various objects that use it. It must also be said that autonomy is certainly not a problem and that you can easily do without the cable while keeping an eye on the charge level. The door is then well protected by a spring-loaded flap and is located on the right side.


The last good reason why I am "happy" with such an important weight is in the battery, a 551 Wh (15,300mAh) capable of powering the 350 W motor (on the rear wheel) which offers a decisive boost. Acceleration is important, more than the maximum speed which is limited for everyone to 25 km / h and this Max G30 manages to beat most of the competition, certainly the various Xiaomi M365 / Pro and Nilox Doc Twelve that we have in the editorial office.

We put it to the test with the chronometer in hand: to go from 0 to 25 km / h it takes only 7 seconds on average, segway accessories, naturally also counting on the initial push to be given with the foot. The braking distance is instead 7 meters when traveling at maximum speed and you must stop as soon as possible, thus using the drum brake to the maximum.

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